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January 2007

A Year in the Jungle

At about 17:30 UTC on 11 Jan 2006, plus or minus a few minutes, I walked into work for the first time at my current job. Given the irregular length of a year when measured in days, that means today at about 23:17 UTC (plus or minus a few minutes) I will have been working here for a full year. I have set this post to go live at exactly that time.

It has been a good year. I can’t believe it has gone by so fast!

What with the being across the country from the family for six months, selling the house, moving twice and everything else that has been going on it has been in some ways a tough year. But in many others it has just been great. Sure, there are still things that need to be worked through. But compared to where we were in the time period between March 2005 and December 2005 it is completely night and day. That last nine months at the previous employer was just horrible. Especially the last three months or so.

I still miss the house in Florida and being an owner rather than a renter… even though this house we are renting is pretty nice and I like it too… and we lost a couple of pets that we loved very much… but aside from those items, I can’t think of a single other thing that isn’t better now than it was a year ago.

So. One year. Good deal. Bring on the next year.


Enough 5mm hail to accumulate, switching to snow, with all kinds of slush and drivers who see snow not all that often. The normal drive home is about 17 minutes with no traffic. With traffic it is maybe 25 minutes usually. Today it took four hours and thirty-two minutes to drive the 10.9 miles home. Average speed… 2.4 miles per hour. And a full 16 times longer than normal! Woo!

Of course, I added an extra 30 minutes or so because I decided to go a quarter mile out of the way to stop at Burger King before I got on the highway. That decision cost me half an hour… perhaps a little bit more. And it also made me greatly regret getting a king sized Coke after the next 90 minutes in the car… before I escaped at the very next exit and managed to find a Starbucks to help with that issue… but that probably actually SAVED me some time, because I bypassed a couple of miles of bumper to bumper interstate to go on side roads to find the starbucks and ended up making better time than I would have on the Interstate.

Once off the Interstates there was one really steep hill that some people were having problems with, but I made it up the hill and then managed to get home…

Meanwhile, one hour or so after I left work, Brandy and Amy left a mall (after trying to go, seeing the traffic mess 90 minutes earlier and deciding to just wait a little while longer) that was 2.5 miles from home. They made it a little more than half way home (taking about 3 hours to get that far) then had to leave the car by the side of the road because they were on a hill that had become completely blocked by two large trucks (one of them a tow truck) who had gotten stuck on the hill and all the dozens of other cars that people had left because they could go no further. So they got out and walked the little bit more than a mile left home. They got home about 1 or 2 minutes after I did. They saw me pull into our street when they were almost there. Ha! I beat them!

Anyway, school has already been canceled for tomorrow. There is a good chance I will end up working from home tomorrow unless everything has been all cleared up by then. (Which it might be I guess, it doesn’t actually seem THAT bad… I’ve seen much worse back east, but of course they know a bit better how to handle snow it seems.) In any case, we’ll have to go retrieve Brandy’s car as soon as things seem to have normalized a bit. For the moment the weather people say there is more yet to come, and it won’t be above freezing again for several days, so what is coming down won’t be going anywhere fast.

Fun stuff.