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January 2007

DVD: An Inconvenient Truth

This had been on my list to watch, but it was WAY down the list… like I’ll see it in a decade or two down the list… but while my mom was visiting she wanted to see it, so I moved it to my top of my list and we watched it while she was here. Well, my mom and I did. Brandy went to sleep and Amy opted out since I told her it was a boring documentary. :-)

For those not familiar, this is of course the Al Gore global warming movie. I had of course figured it would be a boring Al Gore movie and just have the usual sort of green activist sort of stuff and end up annoying me. I was wrong. After the first few minutes the movie had me hooked. There is no NEW information in this movie… at least not for anybody who has been following such issues and reading articles on it as they pop up over the last few years. But it was just all put together in one place in a very well done, compelling package.

I believe I actually told Brandy the next morning that it was the best movie I’d seen in the last 18 months or so. Now, I’m not sure that is entirely due to this movie being absolutely incredible, but also due to the mostly non-memorable nature of the other movies I’ve seen in the last couple of years… but it was really good. It had my attention the whole time. It manipulated my emotions in the way it meant to, and presented a lot of information in a nice easy to digest way. And Al Gore showed humor and warmth which if he’d shown in 2000 might have served him well.

I highly recommend this movie. Go rent it. It is important stuff.

Having said that, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’d end up promoting any of Al’s specific ideas about how to deal with any of it. I’d probably disagree with most of it, as I’m not a fan of government regulation of stuff and he is. But it is still an important issue and this is an important contribution.

Good stuff.