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May 2007

At Mom’s

Just arrived at my mom’s house in Ohio an hour or so ago. I arrived in Ohio several hours earlier, but we spent the morning visiting places various ancestors lived or were buried and such as part of my Genealogy Research. There are a whole raft of ancestors from the Brandon side that lived in Darke County, Ohio for a bunch of generations.

But now I am at my mom’s house. I helped my mom walk Sara briefly today. She is six now. I hadn’t seen her since she was 2 or some such. Wow. I think she remembered me though. She made SURE that I was going to walk with her and not go right back into the house.

But I took the red eye from Seattle, so I got almost no sleep. So I am going to sleep now. I’ll be here for the next few days. I’ll be seeing Chad while I’m here too since he and my mom live like 5 miles apart or some such now. I brought a camera, but not a cord or memory card reader, so I may or may not be able to post any pics before I go home. Or maybe I’ll get a cheap memory card reader. They are very cheap these days. Anyway, we shall see.

For now though… nap time.