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May 2007

Sullivan on Obama

For the last few months, although I haven’t yet added it to the links on the left of my blog, I’ve found myself checking out Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish at least daily, sometimes more often. I seem to frequently find myself on a very similar page to him. At least when he isn’t talking about religion.

He recently went to see Obama speak in person and this is the beginning of what he had to say:

The Reagan of the Left?
(Andrew Sullivan, The Daily Dish, The Atlantic Online)

I went to see Obama last night. He had a fundraiser at H20, a yuppie disco/restaurant in Southwest DC. I was curious about how he is in person. I’m still absorbing the many impressions I got. But one thing stays in my head. This guy is a liberal. Make no mistake about that. He may, in fact, be the most effective liberal advocate I’ve heard in my lifetime. As a conservative, I think he could be absolutely lethal to what’s left of the tradition of individualism, self-reliance, and small government that I find myself quixotically attached to. And as a simple observer, I really don’t see what’s stopping him from becoming the next president. The overwhelming first impression that you get – from the exhausted but vibrant stump speech, the diverse nature of the crowd, the swell of the various applause lines – is that this is the candidate for real change. He has what Reagan had in 1980 and Clinton had in 1992: the wind at his back. Sometimes, elections really do come down to a simple choice: change or more of the same?

The rest of his impressions are interesting as well. Read the whole thing.