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Asperger Test

Here is an online test for Asperger Syndrome:

What’s Your AQ

Anyone involved with geeks will know that we share many character traits with those suffering Asperger syndrome: obsessive attention to detail, social awkwardness, and some difficulty relating to other people. A few years ago, I ran across a test used to diagnose Asperger syndrome, and was surprised to note that it seems like a thumbnail description of your average geek.

Being a geek, I decided to port the test from dead trees to PHP and Javascript. You can find your AQ by filling in the form below. If you feel like it, note your AQ in a comment.

(via The Daily Dish)

I answered honestly (I think) and scored a 31.

According to the test “Scores over 32 are generally taken to indicate Asperger’s Syndrome or high-functioning autism, with more than 34 an “extreme” score.”

So not quite, but pretty close! (18 is the average male score.)

Anybody who knows me should not be surprised.

Feel free to post your own scores in the comments.

Quiet Building

The office is very quiet at 4 UTC.

I took way longer than I should have (due to inefficiency and procrastination mainly) doing something I’d said I’d do before I would leave. So here I am about 3 hours after the time I usually leave work, even though it shouldn’t have been anywhere near that long.

I’m heading home now.