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It Shipped

Amy hasn’t chosen a name for it, but her iMac was picked up by FedEx in Shanghai at 8:05 UTC today and is now on the way. Woo!

Skittles Status

Thank you to the several of you who have written to express condolences on Cheese. Several of you also asked about Skittles. The results of the blood work on Skittles show that Skittles has a lot of enzyme levels out of balance… similar to what they found on Cheese, but nowhere near as severe. So Skittles is also unwell… although not in imminent danger.

They do not as of yet understand why. They are having us make some dietary changes and watch him very carefully for the next 30 days or so, after which they will do more tests. We’re also instructed to most definitely not even consider introducing a new bird until they figure out what is wrong and if it is contagious.

So we shall see.

New Best GPS

Well, at least for portable detachable car use.

Garmin Nuvi 750/760/770
(GPS Lodge)

The Garmin Nuvi 750/760/770 was announced today for the start of the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. The new line features the sleek design look of the Nuvi 200 series, and a full feature set that will set it at the top of the Garmin line. The units will offer you the ability to get some help, including how to get to police, hospitals and to the nearest gas station. This is now becoming a standard feature in the GPS world, which I think will be welcome features for most users. The other way the units can help you are to find your car: Tap the screen and take your GPS with you (to avoid it from being stolen) and then the unit can help you get back to your car when your “Pedestrian Mode” walking or shopping is over.

I of course want the 770. But that is definitely not on the 2007 budget. Maybe the venerable Nuvi 350 if I get lucky. Realistically though, no GPS this year. It is just way too low on the rational priority list. Near the top of the irrational gadget lust list, but pretty low on real life priority. So it will wait.