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December 2007

Email Explosion

By the way, for those who haven’t listened to the podcast this week yet, over the weekend I had an email meltdown. This is a client side meltdown this time rather than a server side one. And I don’t THINK I have lost anything based on the copies I have in a few different places. I hope. But I can’t get to my mail the normal way at the moment because my client is very confused, and I can’t get to my long term email archive at all at the moment. (The long term archive is ONLY on my local machine, not on the network.) I can get to my current mail and my short term archive (which are on the network) using alternate clients on other machines, or via the web. But I am not doing so actively or regularly until I fix my local client. So if you really need to get ahold of me for something in the short term, you’re better off calling me.

Anyway, at this point I’ve tried the two or three simplest default ways of getting unconfused, and they have not worked. So after having completely backed up my mail folder, I’m off to go try more drastic things. I’m still pretty upbeat about this at this point, because I don’t think anything is actually lost. However, if over the next day or so I start discovering that I am wrong about that and part of my long term email archive actually is lost, I will get very very upset.