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December 2007

Partially Back

So I did the system install and that took a couple of hours. Then I went ahead and did Migration Assistant to move stuff over from my old system. That took about 28 hours or so. It looks like all the normal user stuff is there. I haven’t spent time making sure everything is all happy though. I had assumed it wouldn’t transfer over my trash, which is where those bad files are, but it looks like it did. I’ll have to investigate that later. I essentially now have a backup though, so I’ll feel more confident doing more aggressive things to get rid of those files.

Right now I have it doing software updates to get back up to speed with the last few months of updates.

After that I’ll have to work on restoring the webserver, php and mysql stuff I’d set up before, which I’m pretty sure is not there at the moment… but which is of course all on the old drive. I should be able to move it all over pretty easily I hope.

But all that will probably wait until morning.

DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 5

imageIt has been a long time, so it was time for another Buffy. The next in line was Disk 5 of Season 2. This had four episodes.

  • Passion: Everybody still reacting to evil Angel. Angel kills Ms. Calendar. That’s about it.
  • Killed by Death: Buffy in the hospital, a death thing is killing children
  • I Only Have Eyes for You: Ghosts at the school relive a murder suicide
  • Go Fish: The swim team turns into murderous fish things

Anyway, of these the first one is the only one that really moves forward the overall season arc. The rest are just one offs for the most part (with the occational scene pushing the arc). Decent episodes, but not great. And that’s all I have to say about that.