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December 2007

Short Personal News Items

There are several things worth noting from the last week or so that I haven’t posted about yet, so here is a quick post with a few notes on those things:

  • The visit from my mother, just under four days, was good. We didn’t *do* a huge amount. We basically hung out for a few days. We went to one of Amy’s choral performances. We played a board game my mom brought. We sat around at home and played with the dog. We went out for meals a few times. Unfortunately Brandy had a cold through most of the visit, and I was still recovering from my own maladies (still am) but we managed to have a good time anyway. There are pictures, but they are in my email, so I haven’t done anything with them yet.
  • As soon as my mom left, Amy caught whatever Brandy had over the weekend and missed a couple of days of school. She insisted on trying to go to school today, but is probably still on the edge, so we’ll see how that goes. Meanwhile, neither Brandy nor I are 100% either.
  • Earlier this week my sister Cynthia shared the news that she officially got word that she had been accepted by her first choice college, the one she had done the early application thing for. That would be Oberlin. She should be starting there in the fall. Congratulations to Cynthia. I know she is more than ready to start. For now though I imagine it is all about fighting Senioritis.
  • While my mom was here we got a tree up and decorated it and all that kind of thing. Roscoe proceeded to knock it down the next day. We put it up again, but in a new spot which would be harder to knock down.
  • Amy’s hand is still in a brace thing after she hurt it chasing a boy at school more than a month ago. But we got word last week from the doctors that it looks like she needs physical therapy rather than surgery, which is a good thing since we’d been told earlier that might have been a possibility. I imagine she’ll start having to go to the therapist after New Year’s. She had recovered enough to play her bass again a few weeks ago, but then went into the Doctor for more tests and they reinjured something in the process, and so she’s once again not able to play, which frustrates her. But hopefully she will be able to again soon.
  • The mail issue continues, but not because I don’t know how to fix it, but because lately when I get home I’ve just wanted to lie down so I haven’t done anything very productive at home in weeks it seems. I need to get that mail stuff done soon though.
  • Um, that’s it for now.