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September 2008

Babygate Rumors

Yesterday rumors were flying all over the internet that Sarah Palin’s fifth child Trig was not really hers, but was actually her teenage daughter Bristol’s. (The most detailed version is here.) This was prompted by the fact that there were seemingly no pictures of Palin being visibly pregnant from the right time frame, that she didn’t announce her pregnancy until the 7th month or so, then apparently after she went into labor she did a 10 hour flight home to Alaska rather than having the baby in Texas where she was at the time. Meanwhile, there were pictures from that time frame of Bristol looking possibly pregnant, and Bristol had been taken out of school for quite a few months. It all sounded pretty convincing.

Then late last night someone finally dug up some pictures of Sarah Palin where she looked like she might be pregnant, possibly squashing that rumor. (The post with that info is here.)

But then again, there is still more here.

Andrew Sullivan has also been following the story closely. (Perhaps even pushing it you could say.)

This morning though, the McCain Campaign and Sarah Palin confirmed that Bristol is indeed pregnant NOW. Bristol is 17, plans to marry the father, McCain knew about it before making the choice, etc.

All I can say is that all this has been a very strange episode playing out on the internet rumor mills over the last 24 hours or so.

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