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December 2008

The First

I always make sure to never buy ANY Christmas presents before December. It is now December 1st. A few seconds ago I made my first gift purchase of the season. On Amazon of course. There is no way in hell you will catch me in a physical store between now and Christmas unless I have absolutely no choice and can’t find what I want online. :-)

DVD: The Gift

A little while ago we finally watched another DVD. This time it was Brandy’s turn. Her movie this time around was The Gift. There have been several films by that title, so to be specific, this is the one from 2000 starring Cate Blanchett.

I had never heard of this movie. Almost immediately after it started though, I was reminded of the TV show Medium. It seemed to have a very similar vibe most of the time, although perhaps a bit darker than the TV show tends to be.

We have a psychic who sees visions about a crime and helps the local police try to solve the crime, and in the process gets all tangled up with all of the people involved. There is suspense as we try to figure out who the killer is, and as the psychic is menaced by the various suspects. Oh, and Katie Holmes gets to be topless and giggle around a bit while being killed. Fun.

Anyway, I think I liked it. It was suspenseful. It had a little mystery. (Although I guessed the killer pretty early on.) It had a few twists. It was worth the two hours and worth adding to your Netflix queue if you like this sort of movie.

And it makes me wonder when new episodes of Medium start again. :-)