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December 2008

Wind Fizzle

We didn’t end up getting any significant wind. No power loss. No trees smashing the roof open. Nothing exciting. We did get a couple more inches of snow, and indeed it is still snowing. Nothing disastrous though.

Of course, everything is still completely shut down and paralyzed. Our street has yet to see anything resembling a plow or a salt truck, even though the first snow was a week ago now. Basically they are taking care of the highways and other major streets, but residential streets probably just have to wait for things to melt on their own.

Storm a Comin’

We’re supposed to get another storm tonight. For our particular area the last forecast I saw said that most of the snow will be a little east or a little west of us, but we are supposed to get a LOT of wind. Sustained Tropical Storm force winds, gusts of Hurricane force winds. Trees are expected to fall. Power outages are expected all over the place. The wind hasn’t really started yet, but is due soon. We shall see how that goes.

We stocked up on a few basic supplies yesterday just in case.

A Visit from Hoshi

So, as seems to happen a few times a year, Brandy and I were driving down the street and saw a loose dog running around and playing in traffic. This time in the snow with the cars all around barely able to control themselves properly, not being all that used to snow in this part of the country. We pulled over. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and with the help of another passer by who happened to have meat in her bag, we caught the dog. The tag said he was “Hoshi” and had a phone number, but the phone number only yielded voice mail. The woman with the meat pointed out a house she thought the dog MIGHT be from, but there was nobody home. So after leaving a voicemail, we took Hoshi home for a bit to be warm and safe. Even thought we kept them on separate floors, Roscoe was NOT happy with this development.

Hoshi was a pretty good dog. Very friendly. Spent some time with Brandy and Amy while I tried (and mostly failed) to keep Roscoe from freaking out too much that there was another dog in his house.

After about an hour, we got a call from Hoshi’s owner. They were mortified that Hoshi had gotten out. They were at the mall doing Christmas shopping. Hoshi had apparently let himself out.

Because of the bad weather, it took them more than another hour to get back, but as of a few minutes ago, Hoshi went home with his parents and is safe and happy.