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March 2009

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Element 42

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Southern Snow
  • DC Representation
  • Our Citations
  • Iraq Withdrawal
  • Obama Budget
  • Econ Still Sucks
  • Obama Speech Reax
  • Republican Chaos
  • Wherefore Molybdenum

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Worse than 1929


When adjusted for inflation, the decline in the S&P from the peak is now WORSE than the decline in the Dow was at a comparable time in the bear market following the 1929 crash.


(When not adjusted for inflation, we’re just very slightly above the 1929 line.)

Ding Dong

RIAA Layoffs ‘Bloodbath’ May Be the Beginning of the End for the Evil Organization
(Adam Frucci, Gizmodo, 2 Mar 2009)

The RIAA is currently laying off dozens of employees in what’s been described as a “bloodbath” at the lawsuit-happy organization. Could this be the end of the RIAA?

Hypebot, the site that reported the layoffs, says that the “RIAA as you know it is probably history by Tuesday.” And yes, that means tomorrow. Offices are closing and over 100 people are being shown the door, so this is clearly a serious move.

So what will happen to the RIAA? It’ll probably merge with the IFPI, the European organization currently ineptly suing The Pirate Bay. But really, it’s only a matter of time before that organization bites the dust as well.