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March 2009

Hed Code

Also, I woke up Sunday with a stuffy head. Now, about 14 hours later, it is a full fledged head cold. It sucks. I hate colds. It will probably end up moving to my chest within the next 24 hours, and then I’ll be completely miserable.


Moving an Office

On Saturday Amy and I moved my desk and a couple other pieces of critical furniture from my home office upstairs, down to what had been a mostly unused room downstairs (it had Mike the Skink, a hammock, and some exercise equipment in it). Amy did almost all the disassembling and assembling of furniture. The above is a timelapse of the work, first in the old office, then in the new office. And then a bit of Mike at the end.

So I’m now in my new home office downstairs. This is of course to make room for a nursery upstairs. And yes, I know we have a decent number of months before that is actually needed, but I figured I wanted to get it done with. And besides, the new office is actually a bit larger. So far, I think I like it.

Of course, so far I really have only moved the major furniture and the computer. Many piles of papers and books and other things are still upstairs. I figure I’ll gradually move them over the next week or so.

Then the room upstairs will probably stay empty for a bit longer before we ACTUALLY start setting it up as a nursery.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my new office… which for the moment still has a hammock in it too.

Another Fourteen Weeks of SemiProductivity

Back in November, I posted stats on the “things I want to do at home” that I’d gotten done between August 24th and November 29th. They are here.

The summary of that was:

  • 20 hours of catching up on putting things in Quicken and/or paying bills (51%)
  • 7 hours of random things from my projects list (18%)
  • 5 hours of catching up on old email (13%)
  • 4 hours of genealogy stuff (10%)
  • 3 hours of reading (8%)

That’s 39 hours in 14 weeks, or about 2.8 hours per week of productive at home work on things I want to spend time on at home. That was pretty sad.

But, another 14 weeks has gone by. Lets see how the stats worked out for November 30th to March 7th…

  • 20 hours of catching up on putting things in Quicken and/or paying bills (43%)
  • 10 hours of reading (22%)
  • 7 hours of random things from my projects list (15%)
  • 5 hours of genealogy stuff (11%)
  • 4 hours of catching up on old email (9%)

That’s 46 hours! That’s 18% better than last time around. Woo! Go me!

Of course, that is still only 3.3 hours per week. I’m thinking a “reasonable” number for this would be more like 7 to 10 hours per week. Oops.

If I can get to 7 to 10, I think I’d actually be “keeping up” rather than falling further behind on my personal projects each week. We’ll see if I can adjust things to do a bit better the next 14 weeks.