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March 2009

Blue Whale

OK, I give up, your damn marketing campaign worked. I’ve seen this damn blurb in the feeds of it seems like dozens of the blogs I have in Google Reader. Or maybe it was dozens of times in the same blogs. I don’t know. In any case, it seems like I’ve been seeing it over and over and over again.

Blue whales are the planet’s largest creatures, yet we hardly ever see them. Their calls travel thousands of miles, but we can barely hear them. Now, National Geographic embarks on a mission to witness what nobody ever has in these waters; blue whales eating and giving birth.
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Fine. I just set my Tivo to record it. You win. This is probably the first internet ad campaign I’ve clicked on in many years, and not only that, I’m going to watch your damn TV show. You win. You can stop now. Or do I have to see this another 500 times before Sunday?

Stewart on CNBC

I’m sure most of you have seen this by now, It has been linked to from pretty much everywhere, but I’m running a bit behind on my feeds right now, so for those of you who haven’t…

What is Molybdenum?

So, last week I made a quick post titled Molybdenum is Coming. It was just a picture of a square from the periodic table. But it was a code. A code I figured at least one of the readers of this blog would get.

Indeed, one did, and he proceeded to email a number of the friends we have in common, clueing at least that small group in to what it meant.

I also explained what it meant on the last episode of Curmudgeon’s Corner, titled Element 42.

I had intended both the original post about Molybdenum, and this explanatory post to happen a little over two weeks later than I actually made the posts, but some folks were anxious to get the news out the door sooner rather than later. Namely, Amy was just about ready to burst wanting to tell everybody she knew. :-)

Anyway, for any of my other readers who have not already figured it out or found out through other means, here is the explanation…

For many many years, whenever the topic of baby names came up, I would joke that if I ever had a girl, I would name it Molybdenum. Because of course it would be Molly for short and that would be a good name, plus it would be an element, and how cool is that, and also, it is Element 42, the answer to life, the universe, and everything, and you just could not top that!

So yes, although there were only a handful of people who would even have a chance of getting the reference… I still figured I’d use the Molybdenum thing as my pseudo announcement that yes, indeed, Brandy and I are expecting a baby…

For those of you who didn’t get the reference, or were not told about this by someone who did, this post is the official, non-cryptic announcement of that fact. :-)

To answer the most common questions, either those people actually ask, or that they probably think but don’t ask:

  • Officially at the moment the due date is September 21st, although the doctor has given us dates as early as September 6th, depending on which thing she was looking at.
  • We’ve been planning this for a couple of years now.
  • No, there almost certainly won’t be a rush wedding between now and September.
  • We may however actually start Brandy’s divorce proceedings against her husband who she hasn’t seen in over a decade.
  • Yes, Amy is very excited to have a sibling coming.
  • Yes, we plan to find out the sex in advance.
  • Yes, there is a registry.
  • My home office will become the nursery, I will move downstairs with Mike the skink.
  • Yes, I know having a baby in the house will change almost everything.
  • Yes, we told our parents and close relatives and such a number of weeks before I made the Molybdenum post… I didn’t make them find out by reading my blog.
  • Yes, the picture is a sonogram of Molybdenum… from several weeks ago… February 9th actually.
  • No, Brandy won’t actually let me name the baby Molybdenum. Drat!
  • Umm… any other questions?

Anyway, we’re all very excited.

Molybdenum is coming!