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June 2009

Useless News Networks

All kinds of stuff is going on in Iran right now. There should be wall to wall coverage. There isn’t. Just flipped through all the cable networks. What do I see right now?

Fox News: A report on sunscreens
MSNBC: Some court case in Texas
CNN: Palin vs Letterman

REALLY? You have got to be kidding me.

Meanwhile of course, I can find all of what I need on this online and in the blogs I follow, but really? Really? Come on.

I mean, this could blow over and be nothing, or it could be Iran’s Tiananmen square, or a coming revolution. Or, once again, nothing. But in any case it has potential to be huge. And Fox was sitting there talking about sunscreen? And CNN about Sarah Palin?

All of these networks really do deserve to go away and die completely.

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  • Abulsme

    From Facebook:

    JH at 2:14pm June 14
    Plenty of news networks provide in depth coverage… just none in the US. If I need some in depth analysis of US or foreign news, I can always check out BBC.

  • Abulsme

    From Facebook:

    Samuel Minter at 4:29pm June 14
    For me, that is included in “online” as I can’t get those on DirecTV. But of course I’ve spent some time on those websites, and BBC World News Radio is a regular part of my daily news diet. But I’ve found the best sources so far to be a variety of blogs I follow, which point to other sources, often direct sources, when new information becomes … Read Moreavailable.

    And the US Networks are slowly doing SOME coverage. But the relative priority they are giving to this vs other issues is just shameful. I mean, US TV news coverage has been more and more awful every year for years, but this is just another example of that.

    PS: Best place to comment on my posts is directly on my site ( ). I just manually transfer Facebook comments over there.

  • Abulsme

    From Facebook:

    Samuel Minter at 4:37pm June 14
    Ivan and I were just talking on the podcast a few weeks ago about how useless the US news networks were for most real news, and how other sources were much better almost all the time, HOWEVER when there was massive live breaking news, we’d still turn on CNN.

    This weekend there was massively important live breaking news going on, so I turned on CNN, and there was nothing.

    As Twitter says, #CNNFail

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