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November 2009

Local Bellevue WA Elections Again (Part II)

OK. Lunch break time. I am allowing myself 45 minutes, and am doing this instead of eating lunch today. Bleh. Of course, they put out excess Halloween candy in the hallway, so I am not hurting for junk calories with no actual nutrition value. Woo! Anyway…

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 1

One candidate. John Creighton. Leaving aside the Farscape reference (yes, I know it is spelled differently) the unopposed thing gets me again, and I write myself in. I vote for SAMUEL MINTER.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 3

Two candidates. Holland: Truck Fleet Salesperson. Supported by unions. Doud: Investment properties broker. Says he represents the whole county rather than just Seattle. Criticizes union support of opponent. I think I’ll go with the more business oriented Doud. I generally dislike the idea of unions, and therefore am wary of Holland. I will vote for DAVID DOUD.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 4

Two candidates. Albro: Touts his independence. Bunch of endorsements. Small business owner. An engineer. Vekich: Former longshore worker and Democratic Legislator. Says we don’t need an insider, but then lists a bunch of insiders who endorse him. Why are these elected positions again? The Stranger says: “The port needs a business-minded person who isn’t evil. That’s Tom Albro.” Ha! OK. Good enough. I’ll vote for TOM ALBRO.

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 2

Two candidates. Orrico: Involved in a lot of local commissions and such. Points out opponent is running for 4th term. Her website was done by a middle school aged relative (child?). Lee: Incumbent. Basically says he has done a good job so bring him back. Looking around I don’t see much about issues that are very contentious. I think multiple terms in local government is generally not a great idea though, and I liked the middle school designed website. So I’ll vote for VICKI ORRICO.

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 4

Two candidates. Wallace: Looks like he is the keep taxes low, fiscal responsibility, that sort of thing type. Also pushing light rail. Bonincontri: Some stuff about parks and quality of life and the like. There really isn’t much to go on here. Most of the stuff on both of them is of the “I’ll work to make things better” type. On balance though, I think I’m leaning Wallace. I will vote for KEVIN R. WALLACE.

City of Bellevue Council Position No. 6

Two candidates again. Marchand: Talks about jobs and pushing Bellevue to the next level. Davidson: 22 years on the city council. He says to reelect him because he has done a good job. OK. Marchand looks OK, and Davidson has just been there too long. I will vote for MICHAEL MARCHAND.

OK. My timer went off and my 45 minutes are up. I have five more races to make decisions on. They will have to wait for a few more hours until I am done with work. I did six in this last 45 minutes, so I should be able to finish up in another 45 minute batch. There should be plenty of time. I’ve got just under four hours left before the time I usually leave work, and just under six hours before the ballots are due. I can do that.

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