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December 2009

Kindle Ratio for 5 Dec 2009 – 40%


For the first time since I started keeping track about a year ago, the percentage of the last 20 books I’ve read which are available on Kindle drops. This is because the book I just finished is not available on Kindle, where the one that just fell off the last 20 is available on Kindle, and none of the other books in the last 20 have become available since I last looked at the ratio. I have said that I will “officially want a Kindle” once my ratio is greater than 50%.

4 comments to Kindle Ratio for 5 Dec 2009 – 40%

  • From BT via Facebook:

    have you been following the nook? is the ratio any better at BN?

    (4 hours ago)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    To be honest I have not been too impressed by anything I’ve heard about the Nook (and of course haven’t seen one in person yet). Of course, I fully admit the possibility of bias here given where I work.

    I have not looked at what this ratio would be like for the Nook, but it is a good idea, so let me look at that now… the last 20 books:

    * Speaker for the Dead – Kindle No, Nook No…
    * First Break All The Rules – Kindle No, Nook No
    * Ender’s Game – Kindle No, Nook No
    * Until the Sea Shall Free Them – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * Foucault’s Pendulum – Kindle No, Nook No
    * Java The Complete Reference – Kindle Yes, Nook No
    * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Kindle No, Nook No
    * The Audacity of Hope – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince – Kindle No, Nook No
    * Data Mining – Kindle No, Nook No
    * The Children of Hurin – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * Dreams from my Father – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * The Odyssey (Fagles Translation) – Kindle No, Nook Yes -> Note, I actually later found this on Kindle too, it just wasn’t properly linked to the print version I had bought, so I didn’t find it when I calculated my ratio earlier… which means I under counted the Kindle ratio by 5% and this is really available on both.
    * The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government Volume II – Kindle No, Nook No
    * A Morbid Taste of Bones – Kindle No, Nook No
    * Aylesbury in Old Picture Postcards – Kindle No, Nook No
    * 1st to Die – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * SQL in 10 Minutes – Kindle Yes, Nook No
    * Dragonflight – Kindle Yes, Nook Yes
    * Machine Learning – Kindle No, Nook No

    So, correcting for the Odyssey, the final ratios right now for me are:

    Kindle – 45%
    Nook – 35%

    There were two books that were available on Kindle which were not available on Nook. There were no books available on Nook that were not available on Kindle.

    (2 seconds ago)

  • From BT via Facebook:

    interesting. i think the nook looks pretty cool actually. Would love to see one in person. I have coveted a kindle since it came out, but just haven’t made the decision to get one.

    (December 6 at 3:29pm)

  • From SM via Facebook:

    So far the Nook reviews seem pretty lackluster, but we’ll see how it develops over time. At the moment though, looks like the Kindle is still the way to go. Having said that, I will once again admit my bias. :-)

    (2 seconds ago)

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