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December 2009

Airport Security Nonsense

They really are going to do idiotic additional checks and restrictions because of Friday’s incident, aren’t they?  Such a complete waste.

… So since the TSA will be prohibited, by law and custom, from actually searching passengers thoroughly (unless a pat-down includes the nether-regions, it’s utterly useless), why bother with the rest of the security-checkpoint nonsense? As Bruce Schneier has pointed out, the only two innovations since 9/11 that seem to work against terrorists on planes are hardened cockpit doors (which are irrelevant if the terrorist is simply trying to blow up the plane) and the willingness of passengers to fight back, which is what worked in this most recent case. The rest is silliness that serves only to torture passengers with bladder issues and make air travel even more unpleasant than it already is.

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Something is Happening in Iran (again)

Over the last week or so things have been building up again. Time to once again turn eyes in that direction.

(The Daily Dish)

A moment to savor: the marching crowd manages to turn back the regime’s thugs, and as a riot cop helmet is grabbed, a roar of excitement spills out of the crowd.

Done Testing For Now

Thanks for your patience. I was testing some post by email stuff. I had tried this before in September and been pretty unhappy with the results. Today I was taking the time to work out some of the kinks.

Done testing for the moment. Unless I decide to test something else, which happens sometimes.

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If this one doesn’t work, I will give up. My old method for images worked fine, so I can keep using that. The thing I am testing will help with other things.

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Someting About Leeches

This is something I saw about leeches. Leeches are fun.

baby leechs emergingEnglish Russia has assembled a collection of about 50 photos from a Russian medicinal leech farm, documenting the technology used to raise them by the millions.  The reproductive process of hermaphroditic creatures is a bit complex:

As hermaphrodites, leeches have both male and female sex organs… Mating involves the intertwining of bodies where each deposits sperm in the others’ clitellar area… The clitellum secretes a tough gelatinous cocoon which contains nutrients, and it is in this that the eggs are deposited… The cocoon is either buried or attached to a rock, log or leaf and dries to a foamy crust. After several weeks or months, the young emerge as miniature adults. Studies show that the cocoons are capable of surviving the digestive system of a duck.

The photo above shows the cute little newborns emerging from a cocoon.  Cootchie-cootcie-coo!  The leeches are fed slaughterhouse blood until their distribution to medical clinics, where they may be stored in pretty pink jars.

Links for the photo album and the biology.

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Different kind of test from GR

This is a thing about a train.


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via Gizmodo by Brian Lam on 12/26/09

When a UK electric rail was disabled by the snow and cold, 100 passengers were left stranded. Until a Tornado came and whisked them home. That is, the steam engine named Tornado, built with 1940s tech. Speed isn’t everything. [BBC]


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