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February 2010

Ray's Mystery Trip

Excellent! Someone else is in the process of doing a random trip they picked using my random spot tool. They are using a method very similar to how I picked my own spots when I was doing this. He is even doing daily diaries like I did.

Day 0 – Selection / JFK to Madrid, Spain
@raygarsha, 24 Feb 2010

Spontaneous much? I don’t think you can get much more spontaneous then this. I’ve always enjoyed traveling to different places around the world wether its new restaurants in New York City or newly recognized countries by the UN. The problems always been picking a place to go. Not any more. Thanks to a cool website I found while searching the internets this past month, I’ve come across a site that allows me to push a randomize button and I will automatically be shown a random point on the globe via Google Maps. What better way to travel the globe.

Now I had to place a few restrictions on my travel to make it both safe and time effective. First of all the destination had to be on land, had to be within 250 miles of a major airport, flyable via, and not on the state departments watch list. So I got a few days off from work and got ready to throw the proverbial dart.

It only took three throws to come up with my destination. the first throw landed in the Atlantic Ocean, the second landed in the Pacific Ocean, and the third landed in a little town called Tivoli, Italy, about 35 KM west of Rome.

Ray is also twittering from his trip. Great stuff. I haven’t been able to do one of these in many years, with the planned next one to the Yucatan put off time and time again. But someday! In the meantime, others can have fun. :-)