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April 2010

Hiring Software Engineers - Email Me!

Last month I posted that my company was hiring. They still are. But now I am also hiring for my own group. If you are a Software Developer (and I know some of you are) and you might be able to be convinced to come to the Seattle area for a good position at a good company on a good team doing interesting things, please toss me a resume at and I’ll give you some more background and get you into our system to start the process of looking to see if you would be a fit for the spots I am hiring for, or other places within the company. The specific job description for my team:

[My] team manages a number of systems which enable [us] to target highly relevant content to the users most likely to respond positively. Our systems span the range from completely automated email and website programs to systems which assist human schedulers in finding and applying relevant targeting. Our systems rely heavily on computational advertising, data mining and machine learning techniques. [Our] team is looking for truly exceptional software engineers with strong technical abilities and a passion for this area.

The ideal candidate will have strong development skills in Java or C++, with experience in designing and architecting scalable high-performance systems and services that are also flexible, reliable, and maintainable. They will have excellent problem-solving skills, a solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, a quantitative mindset along with a proven track record of on-time delivery. We are seeking engineers that are highly pragmatic and can solve real-world problems faster than others believe possible. Candidates should be familiar with machine learning, data analysis and data mining techniques. Database skills and experience with large-scale multi-tiered distributed systems are also highly desired. Advanced degree in Computer Science with a strong Mathematical background preferred, minimum 3-5 years work experience required.

Note that we are looking for engineers with less experience as well. So if the 3-5 years listed at the end of the above is the only thing holding you back, email me anyway.

And if you don’t meet the description above, but know someone who does, send them my way too.

As with my post last month, I’ll mention that I make a habit of not naming my company explicitly online (at least on my blog, you can find it at LinkedIn and elsewhere if you look and pay attention), but it is a Fortune 500 company based in the Seattle area which is not Costco, Microsoft, Paccar, Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks, Nordstrom or Expeditors, and it is in the tech/retail space and is named after a geographic feature in South America… if you can’t figure it out with that, we don’t want to hire you anyway. :-)

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