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December 2010

Seven Years

While we were all driving in the car a few days ago, Amy pointed out just how long we’d been together as a family. Namely a pretty long time. And more specifically, now that I checked it out, at the moment this post goes live, it will have been exactly seven years since I made a post publicly mentioning that Brandy and I were a couple. Now, we’d been “dating” for probably at least a month before that, maybe more, and we’d known each other for well over a year at that point, and it was still a while little longer until Brandy and Amy actually moved in, but it seems like as good a starting marker as any.

So, seven years. During that time we’ve lived together at five addresses in three states as I worked for three different companies in a variety of different roles. We lost Brandy’s Dad. We also lost a few good pets that we loved dearly. We adopted Roscoe. Amy has grown from elementary school to high school and from a bubbly little kid to a wonderful almost-adult. Brandy has gone from being a Real Estate Agent to a Stay-at-Home-Mom to a College Student. And of course Alex was born and has grown into a sparkly eyed toddler and is doing exciting new things every day.

We bonded into a family almost from the very start. As with any family there have been ups and downs, but overall it has been a very good seven years. Somehow, simultaneously, I can’t believe it has really been that long, and I can’t believe it was ever any other way.

Thank you Brandy and Amy and Alex for these seven years.

I love you all very much.

Doing the Crossword Puzzle

Mood Cycles

Another chart I thought was interesting. This looks at a “mood index” that I enter once per day. It is a purely subjective measure, where I just enter the first number that comes to mind, and try not to consciously think about it. Basically, 100 would be ecstatically happy to the point of uncontrollable glee, zero would be depressed to the point of not being able to function or move under my own power. As you can see, normally I’m in a pretty decent mood, in the 70 to 80 range on average with points outside that range a few times a month on either side. So these are variations within a fairly constrained range to begin with. But when you look at this chart on a six month range, where I then add a trend line smoothed over about an 18 day radius, suddenly you see what looks to be a clear monthly oscillation on top of the large scale mood trend.

It looks like, at least for the last six months, I have generally been happier and in a better mood in the first half of each month, and in a bit worse state of mind in the second half of the month.