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February 2011

Anybody else wanna play Words with Friends?

If so, I’m on there as, what else, Abulsme. Just invite me to a game.

I figure now that it is available on Android in addition to iPhone and iPad and such, there might be a few more out there who might want to play. Links to all the downloads on the Words With Friends website. For anybody who doesn’t actually know, it is a Scrabble-like game where you play when you have time to make a move rather than everyone having to be available at the same time. Personally, unless I get unexpected free down time, I’m often just a one or two moves per game per day guy, but every once in awhile I’ll happen to be on at the same time as someone else and go a bit faster. :-)

I had been playing Scrabble via Facebook with a bunch of folks last year, but then Facebook went and changed something about how their notifications worked, and all of a sudden anyone actually playing via Facebook rather than through the iPhone app never seemed to get notifications that it was their turn. That sucked, so I dumped Scrabble and moved to Words with Friends. I’ve been playing with a few friends since then, but since the game has only been available on iPhone, it has limited who might be able to play. Now that it is on Android too, maybe there will be a few more folks who want to play. Of course, the universe of people with iOS or Android is still somewhat constrained. But it is more now than it was.

So… anyone wanna play?

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