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February 2011

Bed Time! (No more crib!)

9 comments to Bed Time! (No more crib!)

  • From BT via Facebook:

    omg is he really that old now? my youngest just turned 7 today.

    2 hours ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    17 months and a bit. So not really really old or anything. But he’s at the point where we are OK with him getting out of bed during the night or whatnot. There is a gate on his room and a monitor that will go off and let us know if he’s gotten out of bed as well.

    2 seconds ago

  • From GWR via Facebook:

    Oh WOW!!! Was he climbing out of the crib? I just remember that being a turning point to switching…

    26 minutes ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    No, not climbing out yet. At least not successfully. But trying all the time! He got pretty upset when put into the crib while awake though, while when he was tired he was always finding places to lie down outside the crib… he’d curl up in a blanket on the floor, or on a chair, or whatever. Usually wouldn’t actually fall asleep, but… we figured he would be less unhappy with the crib if he could actually get out when he wanted to, and might actually climb in himself when he got tired. So far, in the first few hours, he did indeed climb in and lie down a handful of times. He didn’t actually fall asleep though, got out after a few minutes. But he is trying it out. :-)

    2 seconds ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    Oh, and BT, Happy Birthday to the youngest!

    2 seconds ago

  • From GWR via Facebook:

    He looks so grown up climbing into his bed. Goes by so fast!

    23 minutes ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    It does indeed. He is getting so big and grown up!

    2 seconds ago

  • Ruth M Brandon

    Congratulations to Alex!

  • Alex likes his bed, but still likes to come join mommy and daddy in their bed halfway through the night. :-)

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