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June 2011

26 Pounds of Cheese

Accidentally ordered by Brandy. Oops.

8 comments to 26 Pounds of Cheese

  • From RL via Facebook:

    How does one accidentally order 26 pounds of cheese? If you guys lived closer, I’d send over Gideon to take care of your “problem.”

    11 hours ago

  • From ER via Facebook:

    I hope it’s Tillamook cheddar. Delish! Shred it and freeze it. Easy! We should all have these easy problems ;-)

    10 hours ago

  • From LR via Facebook:

    Yeah. No problem! You don’t even have to shred–just freeze!! Yummy!

    7 hours ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    ‎@RL: I really don’t know. Best Guess right now is she hit the add to cart on a single 2 pound block first, then accidentally hit the button on a 12 pack case.

    a few seconds ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @ER: I think it is indeed Tillamook Cheddar!

    about a minute ago

  • From SM via Facebook:

    @ER & @LR: I think we’re actually going to give most of it away to a local food bank or the like. But we may freeze/ shred some of it.

    a few seconds ago

  • Ruth M Brandon

    oops! And bad refrigeration? You need to share with somebody! at work? homeless shelter? food pantry? This will post if I can decipher the first of the two words below.

  • I thought we had agreed to give away most of it, but in fact Brandy has been slowly but surely making sure we consume all of it. A bunch is still in the fridge though.

    Glad you were able to decipher the words! (If you create an account on my site and log in with it, you won’t have to do that.)

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