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October 2011

Finally Done Done Done

A 26 foot truck the first weekend. One trip to empty our storage space, one to start moving the actual house. Second weekend a 16 foot truck. Two trips. Third weekend another 16 footer. We ended up keeping for it over a week instead of the scheduled 48 hours so we could just finish. At least three trips. Maybe more. At some point we lost count. But now everything is moved. The old house is empty. Maybe now I can sleep?

2 comments to Finally Done Done Done

  • Ruth M Brandon

    Yes – yes!!! get some sleep so you can love your new home! and your family! and feel human again. But I guess for now you have to just feel good at accomplishing a move without paying movers??? Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  • Of course, now we have a house packed to the gills with boxes to the extent that you can’t navigate any room in the house without having to swerve around stacks of boxes and other things. Unpacking and getting everything into places that make sense will end up taking much longer than the actual moving of the stuff I imagine!

    But thanks for the congratulations! And maybe, just maybe, there might be a night with more than 3 hours sleep this week. Last night we returned the truck at 4 AM and had to be up at 6 AM to get me to work on time, so last night wasn’t the sleep night yet. But hey, maybe tonight!

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