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@abulsme Updates from 2011-12-13 (UTC)

  • Reading – Stand Up and Fight: A Week of Action Against Censorship (Rainey Reitman, EFF) #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney Will Hound Newt Gingrich to the Gates of Hell (Paul Constant, Slog) #
  • Reading – The Habitable Exoplanets Catalog is Now Online! (Paul Scott Anderson, Universe Today) #
  • Reading – Aptera Collapse: How and Why it Happened (John Voelcker, TPM) #
  • Reading – FBI: Carrier IQ files used for "law enforcement purposes" (Michael Morisy, Muckrock) #

Everybody Sick


Well, Alex was actually sick last week. Over the weekend he got better and everybody else got sick. Nice hacking coughs, stuffy head, all the fun stuff. Woo!