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@abulsme Updates from 2011-12-16 (UTC)

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  • Reading – Can Paul Win? (Andrew Sullivan, Daily Beast) #

New Office Setup


No desk. No desk chair. Just a comfy Poang and some shelves. I think I still need a small table to hold a drink and a snack, and probably a footstool.

This will probably result in me spending more time in my actual assigned space. For the last nine months or so I spent most of my time as a nomad, working from comfy chairs in lounges or coffee shops across the work campus.

Curmudgeon’s Corner: A Man Alone

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Amy Has Her Car… Uh… Minivan!


TARDIS Blue 2003 Ford Windstar

100% her choice. May she use it for good, not for evil. May she use it in wisdom. May she use it in peace. May she not run out of gas.