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@abulsme Updates from 2012-01-31 (UTC)

  • RT @FHQ: After Tuesday, the number of delegates in states w/filing deadlines yet to pass will fall below 1144. #
  • Reading – The Incredible Shrinking Primary Bounce (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – Superdelegates no more (Matt, DCW) #
  • Watching – Chris Matthews On Florida Primary: 'He Who Kills Must Die' (TPM) #
  • Reading – Seriously, What's The Matter with Leon Panetta? (Michael Cohen) #
  • Reading – How Amazon's KDP Select Saved My Book (David Kazzie) #
  • Reading – Attorney General set to destroy tens of millions of users' legitimate MegaUpload files Cory Doctorow) #
  • RT @ppppolls: Santorum and Gingrich both beat Romney 1 on 1 in Ohio and Missouri. One will have to drop out if Mitt's going to be stopped #
  • Reading – Will Ron Paul win more delegates this week than Gingrich, Santorum? (Peter Grier) #
  • Reading – Barnes & Noble and the Collapse of the Publishing Ecosystem (Matthew Yglesias) #
  • Reading – Florida primary: Why it's one of the last few winner-take-all states (Peter Grier) #

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