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@abulsme Updates from 2012-01-20 (UTC)

Updated AbulCam

The timelapse above is from my home office yesterday. Since I was working from home due to snow, you actually get to see me in my office some. The excitement of my crazy gesticulating during conference calls! The thrills of Alex coming to fetch me and climbing all over me before getting me to carry him back downstairs. The views of my midsection as I pace back and forth in front of the camera. All very exciting stuff!

This is all to note that I made some updates to the AbulCam lately. There is now sometimes sound if I don’t have it muted. Also, the way the timelapses are made will slow down even more when there is lots of motion, and speed up more when there is not, leading to more interesting timelapses. At least I think so. I’ve also matched the sizes of the live shot and the previous day’s timelapse. They are a little smaller, but that means they will load faster and stream better. I’ve also emoved some old clunky bits that didn’t work any more. Finally, at least for the moment, the portable wireless webcam I moved from place to place has died… a non-waterproof camera doesn’t like being left outside in the rain… even if it does generate some nice movies before dying… so the picture is going to be from the webcam on my desktop in my home office for awhile. But that means more me! Well, at least a little. Reality is I’m not in my office anywhere near as much as I would like and sometimes whole days go by without me dropping in at all. But hey, new and better timelapses!

2012 Republican Delegate Count: Former Perry Super Goes to Romney

DCW tracks one of the former Perry Delegates endorsing Romney, further enhancing Romney’s delegate count on his march to the nomination.

Having said that, recent polls clearly show the possibility of Gingrich taking the day in South Carolina this weekend. What will this mean with delegates?

Well, South Carolina has 25 delegates. 11 go to the overall winner of the popular vote in the state. Then 2 delegates are awarded to the winner of the popular vote in each of the 7 congressional districts.

So, the Gingrich best case is that he takes the overall win in the state, and his support is evenly distributed geographically, meaning he wins all 7 congressional districts. In this best case, he gets all 25 delegates from the state. If this actually happened, it would put our delegate count at 29 for Gingrich and 29 for Romney… a tie for the lead.

On the other hand, by the same logic, in Romney’s best case, if Gingrich falls short, and Romney gets the majority overall and wins the 7 congressional districts and thus gets all 25 delegates, he will have 54 delegates, with the next closest candidate being Ron Paul with only 9. That is a considerable lead.

With the latest polls having Romney and Gingrich neck and neck, either one of these is possible, although it is probably more likely that at least some of the 7 congressional districts will go for someone other than the statewide winner, leading to the “winner” (whoever it is) taking more than 11 delegates, but less than 25…. which will result in Romney still being ahead.

Expedition Begins