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December 2012

@abulsme tweets from 2012-12-15 (UTC)

  • Leaving now to go to a movie with my daughter. Can’t stop thinking about the families that won’t be able to do that tonight. 00:14:46
  • At theater 4 Hobbit showing 73 minutes from now. 5th in line for seats. Nobody behind me yet. Can hear ending of movie loudly through wall. 00:58:47
  • Originally had tickets for IMAX version not realizing all showings were not HFR. Gave away those tickets. Got HFR tickets. 00:59:45
  • Every review I have read says the HFR sucks. But that is “the way the director intended” so that is what we will watch damn it! 01:00:32
  • Reading – A Great iOS Google Maps Product Vindicates Apple’s Strategy (Matthew Yglesias) 01:05:55
  • Reading – Thoughts on the Shooting from a Public School Teacher (Cienna Madrid) 01:08:55
  • Finally someone behind me in line! And one more person in front. Kid joining his dad, so no complaint. I am waiting for Amy too. 01:16:51
  • RT @wilw: If you have to tell me that your unsolicited e-mail isn’t *technically* spam because of reasons, … it’s spam. Don’t be a spa … 01:20:30
  • Reading – Major Wind Event on Monday? (Cliff Mass) 01:24:20
  • Reading – Google Maps for iPhone (John Gruber) 01:30:14
  • Reading – Mike Huckabee: school “carnage” caused by having “removed God” from schools (Rob Beschizza) 01:32:22
  • Hobbit line pretty long now. We’re waiting up front. :-) 01:47:57
  • In seat at Hobbit. Theater not even half full. Bad reviews keeping people away? Or just tons of theaters? Anyway…. Here goes. 02:01:53
  • Out of Hobbit. Liked it. New Zealand is pretty. And now I know how it looks when you take 20 pages of a book and stretch it to an hour. :-) 05:31:41
  • So yes, probably too long. Could be edited way down. But was still fun. Lots not in book. Also, free t-shirt for going opening night. 05:34:49
  • Reading – Five thoughts on Obama’s second term foreign policy team (Daniel Drezner) 05:41:45
  • Reading – A Comparison of the 2008 and 2012 NCTC Guidelines (Julia Angwin) 06:11:33
  • Reading – Did the federal ban on assault weapons matter? (Sam Wang) 06:17:16
  • [Abulpost] Curmudgeon’s Corner: Don’t Follow the GPS: In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan t… 08:25:52
  • RT @BYUfan: @abulsme how was #hfr? 17:02:57
  • .@BYUfan I know many have complained about HFR. It was different, but I think I actually liked it. Certainly didn’t have a problem with it. in reply to BYUfan 17:05:20
  • This -> Reading – The Web We Lost (Anil Dash) 17:13:19
  • Reading – Most States Won’t Create Exchanges (Jonathan H. Adler) 17:15:40
  • RT @BreakingNews: RT @AP: BREAKING: State Department: Ill Hillary Rodham Clinton faints, has concussion, now recovering at home 17:19:35
  • RT @ModeledBehavior: I think part of what makes political conversation on guns so explosive is both sides know a little bit of regulatin … 17:22:23
  • [Abulpost] Context on Sandy Hook: Like many people, after I heard the news about the school shootings in… 20:20:08
  • RT @SG: I don’t know how history will regard gun laws of today, but I’m sure it will be flummoxed by how dark ages our mental health car … 20:45:58
  • Reading – “Responsible” Gun Ownership (DocJess, DCW) 20:48:06
  • RT @MichaelEMann: With 17 days to go, record hottest U.S. ave temp already “baked in” for 2012. Stunning graphic via @ClimateCentral htt … 20:55:52
  • Reading – Profit as Motive (John Gruber) 20:56:55

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