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March 2013

@abulsme tweets from 2013-03-13 (UTC)

  • My temp dropped briefly to normal this afternoon, but seems to be heading back up again this evening. Still feel awful. 01:39:00
  • Spent a good fraction of the last 36 hours in bed though. Semi-awake at best. I guess that was good. May be heading back there soon. 01:42:28
  • I did get up and out for the kickoff meeting with the lawyer to start the process of legally adopting Amy. Sick wasn’t going to stop that. 01:48:18
  • Reading – After Round One, Г€ Nera (Rocco Palmo) 02:41:55
  • Fever this morning worse than yesterday. Over 102 F now. Another day home from work with aches and chills and congestion. Fun! 16:14:07
  • Brandy making me go into the doctor though. So getting myself up for that. Just want to go back to sleep though. 16:14:34
  • RT @BreakingNews: White smoke rises from Sistine Chapel, signaling Roman Catholic cardinals have elected new pope – @NBCNews 18:26:03
  • RT @daveweigel: Andrew Sullivan being fitted for robes as we speak 18:28:15
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: 2016 pope stories start next week. 18:29:57
  • RT @michaelbd: Bergoglio!!! 19:13:26
  • RT @dandrezner: The new pope is an Argentine?! 19:13:43
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: The new pope is 76. 19:14:08
  • RT @michaelbd: Agentine Jesuit, Bergoglio. Considered a liberal choice. Second to Benedict in last conclave. 19:14:12
  • RT @GarrettQuinn: Pope Francis I 19:14:41
  • RT @dominicholden: New #pope is Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio! First Latin American pope. 19:15:03
  • RT @TheStalwart: Wikipedia already updated 19:15:06
  • RT @michaelbd: Shockingly old choice. A transition pope. 19:15:16
  • RT @michaelbd: My thought exactly RT @ayjay: @michaelbd First thought: this is kicking the can down the road. 19:17:14
  • RT @ezraklein: Crucial reminder RT @rachelbnolan: Cardinal Bergoglio will be the first Latin American pope. El Papa=the pope. La papa=po … 19:21:06
  • RT @nycjim: RT @BuzzFeedNews: Pope Francis I 19:23:27
  • RT @daveweigel: RT @pegobry: Dear people on Twitter who are shocked to learn the new Pope opposes gay marriage: please tell me about you … 19:34:45
  • Ok. Now that the excitement is over, back to being collapsed. Finished dr visit. Rx for antibiotics and instructions to drink a lot. 19:47:54
  • RT @TheStalwart: All pre-announcement punditry turned out to be 100% BS. Pretty funny. 19:52:20
  • RT @geoffreyvs: Prior to Francis I, the last pope born outside of Europe was Gregory III, who served from 731 to 741. He was born in Syria. 19:54:44
  • RT @michaelbd: The rumors are that in pre-conclave meetings, Cardinal Bergoglio gave impression that he had energy and will to do house- … 19:59:23
  • RT @markos: A Jesuit against Liberation Theology, but thinks “free market policies impoverish” people, yet did dirty work for junta. How … 20:06:43
  • RT @RQDammit: @abulsme uh-oh, what’s wrong bro? 20:27:01
  • .@RQDammit They say possibly bronchitis. Nice cough. 102 degree fever. Fun stuff like that. in reply to RQDammit 20:27:58
  • RT @mattyglesias: I get that anti-gay bigotry is part of Catholic doctrine, but that doesn’t make it wrong to note specific bigoted stat … 20:57:06
  • Finally back home after trip to doctor and pharmacy and such. I am appropriately drugged. Lying down now. 21:06:15

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