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@abulsme tweets from 2013-05-15 (UTC)

  • Re "media shield" laws: govt shouldn't be in the biz of deciding who is a journo. Quality may vary, but anybody can act in that capacity. 18:20:46
  • Concentration should be on protecting whistleblowers, and on protecting EVERYBODY from over broad investigations and data collection. 18:21:25
  • RuhRoh MT @KellyO AG Holder says he did not inform WH he recused himself in @AP case did not do so in writing and cannot say when he did so. 18:36:06
  • Reading – ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: A cast of young stars advances franchise with smarts, flair (Ann Hornaday) 19:40:03
  • Reading – Kepler Mission Manager Update (NASA) 20:22:06

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