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June 2013

@abulsme tweets from 2013-06-07 (UTC)

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  • Also remember the international precedents. If it is OK for us to do it, how can we say it is wrong for any other country to do it? 15:25:29
  • And even with the existing programs, are we really OK with the notion that ALL non-Americans should have no privacy expectations at all? 15:26:35
  • Also note that 2 deg of separation from about 1M people on various watch lists probably gets most US citizens despite “protections”. Sigh! 15:28:28
  • RT @intelwire: Regardless of your view on the NSA program, defending it with "it doesn't collect content" shows you don't have a good grasp… 15:33:26
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  • RT @mikeyang: I don't think there are enough engineers at Google willing to work on Prism as it is alleged to be. Let alone go through clea… 16:18:19
  • Tech Speculation -> Reading – Prism and NSA Spying: why I don't (entirely) believe it. (Michael Brunton-Spall) 16:28:18
  • Uh huh MT @BostonGlobe: "When you look at the details, I think we've struck the right balance." -President Obama on NSA data mining program. 16:29:20
  • Um… RT @gerrycanavan: uh oh RT @lrozen: RT Obama: If ppl dont trust Congress, judges or exec branch, then we are going 2have some problems 16:29:39
  • Actually @BarackObama, that’s the whole point of rules and checks and balances. You can’t base a system on trust and good intentions. 16:32:19
  • You need to assume people will have bad intent sometimes, and other times people with good intent will overreach. 16:33:13
  • Systematic protections have to be strong enough to restrain bad guys if they get in power, and prevent the good guys from overreaching too. 16:33:55
  • Sometimes (often) the good guys should be restricted a lot more than they want to be, because the same rules will apply to the bad guys. 16:36:22
  • This is not a design flaw to be worked around or eliminated. It is a critical aspect of a good society. 16:36:56
  • I have no doubt that massive surveillance and data mining helps thwart attacks and more. That isn’t the question. It isn’t worth it. 16:40:05
  • Ha! MT @ggreenwald Awesome! So they'll be no leak investigation then? RT @mattyglesias Obama welcomes debate on secret surveillance programs 18:03:13
  • RT @owenthomas: I don't understand why the government doesn't just offer a premium tier of citizenship with no monitoring. 18:07:07
  • RT @emmagkeller: Obama passes the buck to us the American people, saying we voted for the Members of Congress who have oversight. 18:09:19
  • RT @Chris_Moody: Obama consistently appears perplexed as to why Americans are generally suspicious of their government's motives. 18:16:07
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  • RT @studentactivism: I do a double-take every time someone suggests that because something the govt does is legal, it means it's not scanda… 18:30:34
  • MT @DennisDMZ: Obama just announced he's replacing "Hail to the Chief" with "Every Breath You Take" by the Police…the band that is. 22:40:38
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