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June 2013

If You Read Me on Google+

A little under two weeks ago, I did a post “If You Read Me on Facebook“. The gist of it was I was no longer going to repost the daily twitter summaries from this blog onto Facebook, although regular manual posts would continue to get automatically posted there.

I’m now saying the same thing for Google+, for basically the same reasons. If you want to see what I post to twitter, either follow me there, or follow me directly on You can even sign up for a daily email with links to my posts from the previous day if you care for that.

As with Facebook, I’ll continue making sure my manual posts get cross posted to Google+… for now. But I’m giving a heads up that I may stop doing that soon as well. Google Reader made it pretty easy for me to click a couple buttons and share my own posts on Google+. Google Reader is of course shutting down soon. My replacement of choice so far, Feedly, also has a share to Google+ feature, and while it works fine when it works, it has been inconsistent at best for me, and I’ve usually gone back to Google Reader to do this little bit of things. When it goes away, I probably won’t go through a lot of extra effort (read any) to make sure things get on Google+. Especially since it seems there are very few people who use Google+ to follow me. There are some. Just not many.

If Feedly improves on this front, then I’ll continue, otherwise… I dunno.

If you are one of the very few people who normally get my content via Google+ and if this will be a pain to you, let me know. If there is a lot of demand, I may continue even if it is a bit more work. If not… well, you can find my stuff in the ways I described in the second paragraph…

I’ll keep posting the “regular posts” (as opposed to the automated Twitter summaries) to Google+ at least until Google Reader is shut down. After that, no promises.

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