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June 2013

@abulsme tweets from 2013-06-23 (UTC)

  • Reading – How Apple Wins the Next Console War (Austin Sweeny) 04:06
  • Moscow Now? Really? -> Reading – N.S.A. Leaker Leaves Hong Kong on Flight to Moscow (Bradsher/Berry) 11:20
  • Watching – Jobs TRAILER 1 (2013) – Ashton Kutcher, Amanda Crew Movie HD (MovieclipsCOMINGSOON) 11:24
  • I think I just dumped Apple’s Podcast app for @podcruncher. Still wish for shuffle option in addition to old/new first. 14:41
  • RT @BYUfan: .@abulsme @podcruncher you’ll have to switch to Android to get the best podcast app: DoggCatcher 17:15
  • .@BYUfan Heh. I am so deeply locked into iOS/MacOS it would take quite a bit for me to make that switch. :-) 17:16
  • RT @imbou: @abulsme he colude have a few more stops but at the rate he is going jail will look attractive. 17:16
  • .@imbou Looks like he is on the way to Ecuador now. Fun stuff. :-) 17:17
  • RT @ggreenwald Dear US: you didn’t dot your “i”s, so we had no choice but to let him go…but now that we have you … Sincerely, HK … ??:??
  • RT @wikileaks: WikiLeaks Statement on Edward Snowden political asylum flight,253.html?updated … 17:48
  • RT @kevinmitnick: Looks like China gave the White House the finger. 17:49
  • Reading – Wozniak on Jobs’ Biopic: ‘Young Steve Wasn’t a Saint’ (Jesus Diaz) 19:22
  • Think I have read it before, but still fun stuff -> Reading – The Physics Behind Traffic Jams (William Beaty) 20:26
  • RT @allahpundit Not sure why it’s hard to believe that (1) Snowden’s initial leak was a service and also (2) it’s been all downhill since then ??:??
  • All good, esp last two graphs -> Reading – A Look At The Charges Against Edward Snowden (Ken White) 23:56
  • RT @RichardHaass if #Snowden acted out of principle, why doesnt he return to US and make his case in court? civil disobedience accepts the rule of law. ??:??