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Halloween Timelapse 2013

It is easier to see Amy decorating than any trick or treaters, although you can see them if you pay attention. And for some reason it went slowly on some parts with no visible action the next day, but hey, timelapse!

Casualty of the #windstorm


The power is out at our place. We left to find an electrified place to eat and work (and play).

@abulsme tweets from 2013-11-01 (UTC)

  • My fitbit #Fitstats for 10/31/2013: 5,757 steps and 4.2 km traveled. 01:03:05
  • Just shut down trick or treat. Lots more kids this year than last I think. Good. And Alex liked his costume… And train! Pics later! 04:35:58
  • RT @starstryder: <3 Quote: "You're a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what do you have to be scared of?" Anyone kno… 04:55:47
  • Ha! RT @letterpressapp: Letterpress 1.5 is out! It's basically the same, but newer. 05:18:48
  • RT @NASA: Watch now as 3 #ISS crew undock their Soyuz ship & redock a few min later to a diff port, making room for a new crew:… 08:03:20
  • Still up with a very excited hyper sugar-laden Alex. We are watching NASA-TV together at 1:30 AM. :-) 08:31:39
  • Alex finally fell asleep while watching the Soyuz docking from his Thomas couch in my office. Think I won’t be far behind. 08:52:32
  • [Abulpost] Donaghy/Minter/Roney Halloween 2013 10:51:56
  • Reading – Ender’s Game is thrilling, but not heart-breaking (Lauren Davis) 16:29:13
  • Obviously there is a breaking news event at LAX. For once I’m not tempted to follow it real time. I’ll read about it once the dust settles. 17:17:36
  • Reading – The Science May Be Settled, But the Economics Isn’t (Steve Sexton) 19:30:41
  • Reading – Snowden invited to testify in Germany (with safe passage) over NSA spying [Cory Doctorow] 19:32:46
  • [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: The usual stuff, you know 22:45:19