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@abulsme tweets from 2014-10-08 (UTC)

  • 05:41:27 Reading – Kano is an easy-to-use $150 computer for kids and parents to explore technology together (Higginbotham)
  • 12:56:28 Reading – Marriage (xkcd)
  • 13:03:12 Retweeted @BYUfan 13:02:27 @abulsme Wow, 1995 approval of interracial marriage is so recent. in reply to abulsme
  • 13:03:35 .@BYUfan Shockingly so. in reply to BYUfan
  • 13:41:36 Just saw bad traffic from fog means I wouldn't make it to my 8 am meeting on time. I'll call into it. Back to bed for a bit longer.
  • 13:44:00 I've been under the weather and WFH the last couple days. Still only feeling ~80%. Was going to head in today though. Maybe still will.
  • 13:45:40 As I sit here coughing, thinking maybe 66% more like it. Last couple days only managed 4-5 hours work before feeling wiped out. Sigh!
  • 13:47:00 Anyway, not driving or bussing to 8 AM and calling in instead means I can rest for another hour or so. So ZZZzzz…
  • 19:31:07 Ended up working from home for the morning. Called it quits around noon. Gunna lie down and just rest. Being sick sucks.

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