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Bad Idea?

I told him I would let him try… So there we go. Alex cutting my hair.

But we are now both on the way to the barber for our periodic joint haircuts. He really wants to keep his hair long though, so just a trim for him. He doesn’t even want that, but we are going anyway. We shall see how cooperative he is.

I want mine short again. We considered actually doing mine at home, but Brandy didn’t like my plan of “just go vroop vroop vroop with the beard trimmer across my whole head”. So barber it is… After letting Alex have his try first of course.

Last Day of my Staycation

I took the last week off from work for the purpose of working on a variety of personal projects.

The above is the timelapse from my home office webcam for my last real day of vacation. Hit play to start it. I’m currently experimenting with a fisheye lens so you can see the whole room, although with a bit of distortion. But this way you can see what Alex, Roscoe, and if you don’t blink Amy too, are doing in the room, rather than just seeing a closer view of me at my desk. :-)

It has been a good week. I got a few things done, although of course not as much as I would have liked. I made a decision early in the week not to worry too much about it, and also use the time to just take it slow and relax a bit. So I didn’t push myself. I’m still a bit under the weather and tired… and I’ll probably end up trying to finish a few more things over the weekend even though that is harder when Alex isn’t in school. So I’m not sure I’ll head back to work fully relaxed and rejuvenated, but it was still good to take the week. I should use my vacation and personal days a bit more than I do. I always end up leaving those on the table because I don’t use them.

Anyway, good week over all. Glad I did it. :-)

Electoral College poll updates from 2014-10-17 (UTC)

  • 21:35:53 I added 1980 Gen Elec results to poll data. Select “All” in History drop down on a state page to see 34 yrs of hist.

@abulsme tweets from 2014-10-17 (UTC)

  • 00:05:19 Retweeted @stevenstrogatz 2014-10-16 19:22:54 Love this proof my liberal arts students found for 1+2+3+4+3+2+1=4^2. (Count the squares vertically.)
  • 00:09:57 Retweeted @drgrist 00:02:58 Remarkable thing about Ebola is how *quickly* everyone slotted it in to their pre-existing political narratives. Seamless.
  • 00:10:58 Retweeted @Lileks 00:06:01 One of these days Apple will realize that giving away free operating systems miiiiight tax their servers a tad the first few hours.
  • 00:37:18 This sucks. Stop. At least let people opt out. -> The spirit of exprmnttion & evolution of your timeline (@tmobrien)
  • 00:58:35 Reading – Whisper’s problem: It wants to be both an anonymous app and a news entity at the same time (@mathewi)
  • 01:00:54 Retweeted @140elect 00:13:08 Americans in past year killed by…
    #Ebola: 1.
    #ISIS: 2.
    Flu/Pneumonia: 54,000.
    Diabetes: 74,000.
    Cancer: 575,000.
    Heart disease: 600,000.
  • 01:25:48 Retweeted @MatthewKeysLive 00:43:59 Twitter's users do not find new timeline experiment to be "interesting or entertaining" –
  • 03:00:43 [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: Turning the Hamster Wheel
  • 04:29:10 Reading – The media is doing an awful job explaining Ebola, and #ClipboardMan is proof (Arielle Duhaime-Ross)
  • 04:51:27 Started downloading Yosemite. Looks like this is going to take quite awhile…
  • 06:43:57 Download finished a little bit ago. Starting the Yosemite upgrade… NOW. Woo?
  • 07:39:54 Installer has said "About 22 minutes remaining" for about 45 minutes now. Why even bother with time remaining estimates? #Yosemite
  • 08:09:30 Light reading while installing #Yosemite -> OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review (John Siracusa)
  • 08:14:22 About 90 minutes into the install process now. It has said “About 22 minutes remaining” basically the whole time. #Yosemite
  • 08:15:49 I’ve opened the install log and set it to show all logs, so at least I can watch what it is doing. Progress bar at ~5% probably. #Yosemite
  • 08:21:10 Biggest time so far appears to be multiple passes on fsck, checking and then repairing errors in my boot volume. That took about 75 minutes.
  • 08:26:03 Time left finally going down. At 17 minutes now. Progress bar maybe 25% now. Speed! #Yosemite
  • 08:40:13 “Less than a minute remaining”! #Yosemite
  • 08:43:16 Reading – Kerry Flies Commercial After Jet Breaks Down in Vienna (Michael R. Gordon)
  • 08:45:56 A minute takes a long time. #Yosemite
  • 08:49:37 Lots of seconds. #Yosemite
  • 08:55:32 Of course, it isn’t REALLY done yet… #Yosemite
  • 09:01:52 [Abulpost] Lots of Seconds
  • 09:05:10 In other news, tried the WordPress iOS app for the first time in a long time. Couple things that had kept me from using it fixed. Yea!
  • 09:07:10 This may mean more blog posts in times where I hadn’t bothered before because it wasn’t handy or convieniant to post via web interface. Woo!
  • 09:10:32 #Yosemite now up and running. A number of apps will have to migrate data though. Messages is going now. Mail will be the big one for me.
  • 09:11:31 When I updated to Mavericks it took more than 24 hours for Mail to migrate. Millions of archived messages probably slowed the process a bit.
  • 12:29:52 I’m still up playing with various computer related things. Some #Yosemite related, some not. Probably should sleep at some point…
  • 16:30:26 Retweeted @mattblaze 16:29:37 If "cybersecurity" is really a national priority (and it should be), these calls for security backdoors are simply madness.
  • 16:35:40 Retweeted @chrislhayes 14:16:34 Last 3 Months
    WH: Don't do stupid shit.
    Chattering Class: WE WANT STUPID SHIT!!!
    WH: No.
    WH: Fine. Here you go.
  • 18:09:03 Retweeted @eafarris 18:01:02 A PSA for all of you upgrading to OSX Yosemite: You can now change the default search engine in Safari to @DuckDuckGo. This you should do.
  • 18:11:12 Changed my default search to @duckduckgo on iOS as soon as that was possible a while ago. Did the same on OS X last night.
  • 21:23:47 Another Test for a digest bug fix: “@abulsme”@ElecCollPolls