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@abulsme tweets from 2014-10-17 (UTC)

  • 00:05:19 Retweeted @stevenstrogatz 2014-10-16 19:22:54 Love this proof my liberal arts students found for 1+2+3+4+3+2+1=4^2. (Count the squares vertically.)
  • 00:09:57 Retweeted @drgrist 00:02:58 Remarkable thing about Ebola is how *quickly* everyone slotted it in to their pre-existing political narratives. Seamless.
  • 00:10:58 Retweeted @Lileks 00:06:01 One of these days Apple will realize that giving away free operating systems miiiiight tax their servers a tad the first few hours.
  • 00:37:18 This sucks. Stop. At least let people opt out. -> The spirit of exprmnttion & evolution of your timeline (@tmobrien)
  • 00:58:35 Reading – Whisper’s problem: It wants to be both an anonymous app and a news entity at the same time (@mathewi)
  • 01:00:54 Retweeted @140elect 00:13:08 Americans in past year killed by…
    #Ebola: 1.
    #ISIS: 2.
    Flu/Pneumonia: 54,000.
    Diabetes: 74,000.
    Cancer: 575,000.
    Heart disease: 600,000.
  • 01:25:48 Retweeted @MatthewKeysLive 00:43:59 Twitter's users do not find new timeline experiment to be "interesting or entertaining" –
  • 03:00:43 [Abulpost] Curmudgeon's Corner: Turning the Hamster Wheel
  • 04:29:10 Reading – The media is doing an awful job explaining Ebola, and #ClipboardMan is proof (Arielle Duhaime-Ross)
  • 04:51:27 Started downloading Yosemite. Looks like this is going to take quite awhile…
  • 06:43:57 Download finished a little bit ago. Starting the Yosemite upgrade… NOW. Woo?
  • 07:39:54 Installer has said "About 22 minutes remaining" for about 45 minutes now. Why even bother with time remaining estimates? #Yosemite
  • 08:09:30 Light reading while installing #Yosemite -> OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review (John Siracusa)
  • 08:14:22 About 90 minutes into the install process now. It has said “About 22 minutes remaining” basically the whole time. #Yosemite
  • 08:15:49 I’ve opened the install log and set it to show all logs, so at least I can watch what it is doing. Progress bar at ~5% probably. #Yosemite
  • 08:21:10 Biggest time so far appears to be multiple passes on fsck, checking and then repairing errors in my boot volume. That took about 75 minutes.
  • 08:26:03 Time left finally going down. At 17 minutes now. Progress bar maybe 25% now. Speed! #Yosemite
  • 08:40:13 “Less than a minute remaining”! #Yosemite
  • 08:43:16 Reading – Kerry Flies Commercial After Jet Breaks Down in Vienna (Michael R. Gordon)
  • 08:45:56 A minute takes a long time. #Yosemite
  • 08:49:37 Lots of seconds. #Yosemite
  • 08:55:32 Of course, it isn’t REALLY done yet… #Yosemite
  • 09:01:52 [Abulpost] Lots of Seconds
  • 09:05:10 In other news, tried the WordPress iOS app for the first time in a long time. Couple things that had kept me from using it fixed. Yea!
  • 09:07:10 This may mean more blog posts in times where I hadn’t bothered before because it wasn’t handy or convieniant to post via web interface. Woo!
  • 09:10:32 #Yosemite now up and running. A number of apps will have to migrate data though. Messages is going now. Mail will be the big one for me.
  • 09:11:31 When I updated to Mavericks it took more than 24 hours for Mail to migrate. Millions of archived messages probably slowed the process a bit.
  • 12:29:52 I’m still up playing with various computer related things. Some #Yosemite related, some not. Probably should sleep at some point…
  • 16:30:26 Retweeted @mattblaze 16:29:37 If "cybersecurity" is really a national priority (and it should be), these calls for security backdoors are simply madness.
  • 16:35:40 Retweeted @chrislhayes 14:16:34 Last 3 Months
    WH: Don't do stupid shit.
    Chattering Class: WE WANT STUPID SHIT!!!
    WH: No.
    WH: Fine. Here you go.
  • 18:09:03 Retweeted @eafarris 18:01:02 A PSA for all of you upgrading to OSX Yosemite: You can now change the default search engine in Safari to @DuckDuckGo. This you should do.
  • 18:11:12 Changed my default search to @duckduckgo on iOS as soon as that was possible a while ago. Did the same on OS X last night.
  • 21:23:47 Another Test for a digest bug fix: “@abulsme”@ElecCollPolls

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