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@abulsme tweets from 2015-03-10 (UTC)

  • 03:27:16 Reading – Pioneering tech blog Gigaom shuts down after running out of money (Sam Byford)
  • 03:29:36 Reading – Girl, 9, dies after being forced to run for 3 hours; grandma charged with murder (Jay Reeves)
  • 04:43:11 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 04:35:47 .@abulsme HELLLLLL YEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in reply to abulsme
  • 04:43:28 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 04:36:12 .@abulsme what is pocket in reply to abulsme
  • 04:50:48 .@AmyNotAmy Pocket is an app that lets you save interesting articles to read later in reply to AmyNotAmy
  • 05:02:24 Reading – Text of Joe Biden’s Statement on Senators’ Letter to Iran’s Leaders
  • 05:04:25 Retweeted @dandrezner 03:17:06 So has the open letter from hardliners in the Majlis informing Obama that Rouhani is term-limited arrived yet?
  • 05:20:31 Reading – 5 things Apple didn't say about the new MacBook (Raymond Wong)
  • 05:43:11 Retweeted @ZekeJMiller 03:36:24 Wow MT @NYDailyNews: An early look at tomorrow's front page.
  • 05:43:21 Retweeted @rebliv 03:36:35 Wow, so that little graph thingie beneath your tweets really shows you how much people don't give a f*ck about your tweets.
  • 05:44:04 Retweeted @michaelbd 03:37:55 Sorry GOP, but nothing Obama can do will be a better deal for Iran’s position in the region than the Iraq War.
  • 05:48:36 Retweeted @JeffreyGoldberg 03:42:58 I'm impressed that Tom Cotton could get 46 of his colleagues to sign a letter 10 minutes after he arrived in the Senate.
  • 05:50:16 Retweeted @Drrake 03:43:02 THE GAME HAS BEEN CHANGED
  • 06:00:47 Retweeted @RadioFreeTom 03:57:54 Aside from all the other problems with that letter, GOPers just set up the Senate to be #Iran fall guy if talks fail.
  • 07:09:34 Retweeted @Amazing_Maps 06:47:45 The median age in each country
  • 17:50:50 Retweeted @pourmecoffee 16:37:53 Hillary: "I created a private home email server to try and stop getting LinkedIn updates."

    [Everyone understands, goes home, issue over]

  • 18:33:42 This Hillary press conference will be critical in determining how this issue does or does not evolve… Who am I kidding. Won't make a diff.
  • 18:34:59 Unless of course she screws it up. One way it makes a difference is if she bungles it. Then could get much worse. No upside.
  • 18:37:23 She still has to do it tho. Can't say nothing forever. Status quo though is lines are already drawn for and against HRC. Few changing minds.
  • 18:39:29 If she bungles press conference badly though, other Dems might smell blood in the water and reconsider jumping in to primary race.
  • 18:42:38 Interesting to see if she confirms "home brew network". Reporting I saw on that so far sloppy, didn't show real evidence of that made leaps.
  • 18:47:05 She may have run the server out of her house. Just saying reporting I've seen just hadn't actually given good solid evidence of that.
  • 18:50:46 For the record, my opinion on email issue, not as big an issue as Rs are making it, bigger issue than Ds trying to make it. Not non-issue.
  • 18:56:07 On why wait so long to resp. Either, just not org enuf yet 4 quick resp or basic info on story wrong letting opponents go out on limb first.
  • 18:58:33 But story DOES play into public's worst mems of Clintons. If waiting was intentional, hoping would blow over, backfired. Kept festering.
  • 18:58:42 Here goes.
  • 19:02:21 Um… You don't need a second phone for a seperate account… But whatever.
  • 19:04:28 So far nothing new here at all. Nothing that would comfort anybody that doesn't start out trusting Hillary.
  • 19:06:09 She is not doing great here. Not self destructing either. But not good at all. Not convincing at all. Not addressing questions still open.
  • 19:08:07 Somebody needs to directly ask who actually managed email server, security, etc.
  • 19:08:52 Complete non-answer on process to determine what was relevant and what wasn't. Sounds like purely her judgement satisfied no one.
  • 19:09:35 Oh my god, why ask her to repeat what she already said. Stupid reporter. Ask something new.
  • 19:11:03 So far on an A to F scale I give this performance a C.
  • 19:12:05 The server must ACTUALLY be at her house, or she would have denied it just then.
  • 19:13:22 Glad reporter actually asked about setup. Confirmed it was on her property. Implied handled by professionals, which should be expected.
  • 19:13:58 But not offering to disclose info that would allow independent confirmation of security… Or anything.
  • 19:16:42 I think this ends up a wash. This will change no minds. Opinion will be based entirely on if you trusted her to begin with.
  • 19:17:48 She is clearly very rusty though. Getting slightly better as this goes on, but still clearly rusty.
  • 19:18:54 Choosing intentionally not to go above and beyond what was already revealed to give any info that might change minds. (Indep audits, etc.)
  • 19:20:26 Press conference done now. I'll stick with my C grade. Improved as it went on, so maybe C+.
  • 19:22:54 Nothing 2 defuse issue, nothing 2 inflame it. Not enuf 2 make other Dems smell blood. Rs will make hay on this til elec. Will make no diff.
  • 19:27:39 Bottom line: PC will change no minds. People inclined 2 give Clinton benefit of the doubt will do so, those who aren't will not. Status Quo.
  • 19:29:04 Retweeted @geoffreyvs 19:28:50 Looks poor for Clinton but outside DC ppl aren't going to give 2 shits about emails. Rs will be mad re: Benghazi but that's always been true
  • 19:30:52 Retweeted @EmilyMiller 19:27:31 When I worked at State, we had both unclassified State email and personal email on the same Blackberry.
  • 19:33:38 Retweeted @KellyO 19:26:20 Government issued blackberries typically don't permit adding a personal account. Not a technology issue but a policy one.
  • 19:43:05 Note move at this stage in HRC vs R matchups expected to move toward R just due 2 campaign actually starting. So far:
  • 20:02:11 This issue will of course become part of the long term anti-Clinton grind. Collectively it will all take a toll as it paints negative pic.
  • 20:02:49 Just not this single issue IN ISOLATION. With usual "unless something more comes out" caveat.
  • 22:30:26 One thought here, did HRC say the mail was actually on a Clinton Foundation server? It sounded like it. Does that complicate things further?
  • 22:33:03 Or just server "set up for her husband"? Is who else was on same server, had mailboxes, had access rights, etc relevant at all? Or just no?
  • 23:19:45 Reading – Turkey asks Microsoft to edit, not ban, Minecraft. Why? (Lisa Suhay)

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