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@abulsme tweets from 2015-05-26 (UTC)

  • 00:43:57 Alex face planted in fountain at Seattle Center. Bloody lip. Lost loose baby tooth. Lump on head. At urgent care to make sure nothing else.
  • 02:06:44 Nothing else other than the big puffy bloody lip and lost baby tooth that was almost out anyway. More pride hurt than anything else. :-)
  • 02:08:04 Went into urgent care being carried and face buried in daddy. Leaving on own two feet chatting and feeling much better. :-)
  • 02:10:23 He is now bargaining for a trip to the store to buy a new toy to compensate for his earlier suffering. All back to normal… :-)
  • 14:06:14 Reading – Jony’s Long Goodbye (@jcieplinski)
  • 14:13:06 Reading – More Americans want Bernie Sanders to be president than Graham, Jindal, Fiorina & Kasich combined (@pbump)