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@ElecCollPolls tweets from 2015-05-02 (UTC)

@abulsme tweets from 2015-05-02 (UTC)

  • 17:20:12 A certain candidate just got his first 2016 polls. I hadn’t made my code safe for apostrophes. ^$@^%!*. Bleh. Damn you O’Malley. Fixing now.
  • 18:54:47 Today, O’Malley is the bane of my existence. Hours so far chasing down apostrophe encoding, nowhere near done yet. Bleh.
  • 22:01:47 I think I finally finished making my poll stuff apostrophe safe. Even the edge case where O’Malley is a frontrunner. Back to entering polls.
  • 22:50:56 Actually, I didn’t quite fully fix the case where O’Malley becomes one of the ten best polled candidates. Will fix shortly…
  • 23:43:53 New Iowa poll results from @ppppolls added today. Details at and @ElecCollPolls. Blog post shortly.
  • 23:46:14 [Abulpost] Electoral College: Bush Gaining in Iowa and a First Look at Rubio
  • 23:54:40 Blog post done, now back to the last apostrophe issues… ones that will only manifest if O’Malley looks like he might win the Dem nom. :-/