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@abulsme tweets from 2015-06-21 (UTC)

  • 17:32:13 I was upstairs. Alex was downstairs. He just Facetimed me from his iPad to say “Happy Father’s Day”. Thanks kid! Love you too. :-)
  • 18:06:43 1) Suspected issues on my iMac hard drive. Booted from another volume, tried to repair main volume. It failed. Now won’t let me remount.
  • 18:07:41 2) It says I need to reformat and restore from backup. I have multiple recent backups. But it now won’t let me format the drive either. :-(
  • 18:09:56 3) At the moment I am booted from an external drive that was a clone of the internal drive. So theoretically could just run this way.
  • 18:11:49 4) But looking like I probably need to replace the internal drive. Maybe that will help the performance issues I have been having too.
  • 18:13:31 5) Ideally, this would be the moment I would just upgrade to a brand spanking new Retina iMac, but it just won’t fit in the budget. :-(
  • 18:20:18 6) At least not if we want to also eat and pay the mortgage every month. Hmmm… Are those things REALLY necessary?
  • 18:50:48 7) It seems 2b working as well on the clone drive as it did before tho. So considering getting a new clone drive instead of new internal.
  • 19:22:25 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 19:20:38 Happy Father's day to the biggest (and best) dork on the face of the planet. @abulsme You're pretty aight.
  • 19:22:52 .@AmyNotAmy Aw shucks. Thanks! Love you too! in reply to AmyNotAmy
  • 19:24:35 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 19:23:47 Pah, who ever mentioned love???? (Love you, pops)
  • 20:01:12 Retweeted @imbou 19:42:43 @abulsme USB 3.0 and thunderbolt are plenty quick. Get an external ssd drive. Your speed should vastly improve and more reliable. in reply to abulsme
  • 20:01:18 Retweeted @imbou 19:42:59 @abulsme at lesser now we know what was the source of your problems. in reply to abulsme
  • 20:01:59 .@imbou I have suspected the drive being a source of performance issues for over a year, but haven’t been able to prove it with any tests. in reply to imbou
  • 20:03:43 .@imbou Switching to the boot drive to my external clone did NOT however seem to address the performance issues. in reply to imbou
  • 20:03:49 Retweeted @imbou 20:03:23 @abulsme well, I guess no testing is required now! in reply to abulsme
  • 20:04:24 .@imbou Unmounting the old drive DOES seem to have improved performance though. But that is just initial impressions. We’ll see if it lasts. in reply to imbou
  • 20:04:54 .@imbou The upload speed issue mentioned in our last podcast is unchanged however. in reply to imbou
  • 20:08:57 .@imbou Upload speeds aside, the faster download is nice. And new wifi router reaches the far parts of the house a lot better. in reply to imbou
  • 20:10:44 .@imbou USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt? Ha! This computer is old. Have USB 2.0 and Firewire. :-) Still seems to be doing the job fine though. in reply to imbou
  • 21:11:31 Retweeted @AmyNotAmy 21:08:43 My dad grew a beard because "dads have beards." #HappyFathersDay