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@abulsme tweets from 2015-08-04 (UTC)

  • 04:21:38 Retweeted @ScottNY71 03:09:39 I believe the plot for the movie Gremlins was born in the mind of a parent witnessing their 4-year-old having a hunger meltdown.
  • 04:40:51 Retweeted @BenHarris_1 01:40:39 Right now, I'm reminded of something a friend once said: You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.
  • 05:36:27 Retweeted @cushbomb 2015-08-02 20:04:52 Huckabee: I'd send troops to stop abortions.
    Christie: I'd kick every teacher in the dick.
    Walker: I'd nuke Iran.
    Cruz: I'd…shit on a dog?
  • 06:27:18 Retweeted @thegarance 02:23:18 If Biden runs he's just going to discover what Hillary already has: Everyone finds it easier to admire people who aren't running for pres.
  • 14:49:01 Reading – Democrats Unveil a Plan to Fight Gerrymandering (Jonathan Martin)
  • 15:06:23 Reading – Inside the sad, expensive failure of Google+ (Seth Fiegerman)
  • 15:11:26 Reading – Republican candidates' forum hears policy pitches in Trump-free zone (Sabrina Siddiqui)
  • 15:15:53 Reading – The Declining Marginal Value of Crazy (Josh Marshall)
  • 15:33:59 FFS. My mom just called to tell me someone stole her car this morning. This is not a good week. :-/
  • 17:27:19 Turns out weekend robber probably got spare car keys as well as laptop. Came back for car last night. :-(
  • 18:52:10 Retweeted @SamWangPhD 18:46:45 Poll nerdery (or boredom at ridiculous top-10 story): appropriate confidence intervals!
  • 19:27:46 Reading – Today's Cliffhanger: Will Rick Perry Make It To the Main Debate Stage? (Kevin Drum)
  • 20:44:16 Looks like @ppppolls has the first state level three way general election poll of the cycle. I will have to start a seperate file for these.
  • 20:45:25 I have to figure out something completely different to do with these. They just aren’t directly comparable with the two way match ups.
  • 20:47:31 So we go from Clinton 44 Bush 42 to Clinton 41 Bush 26 Trump 25 in MN according to @ppppolls. Can’t just throw those together and average.
  • 20:50:06 Plus Trump is just a hair’s breadth from 2nd place, which messes with my model much more if it happens, even in one poll. Damn you Trump!!!
  • 20:51:39 Anyway, I will enter the two way polls in database tonight. But I obv have to start figuring out what I will do with three way data. :-(
  • 20:52:26 (There were some three way polls in the last couple cycles, but the third candidate was so far back they could effectively just be ignored.)
  • 21:36:30 Method for doing three way polls starting to come together in my head. Had hoped not to need it, but… Guess I will start working on it.
  • 22:07:57 Reading – Just How Arbitrary Is Fox's 10-Person GOP Debate Cutoff? (Danielle Kurtzleben)
  • 22:59:11 Reading – Fox News Announces Which 10 Candidates Qualify For First GOP Debate (Sara Jerde)
  • 23:05:34 Retweeted @pbump 22:58:35 If Fox hadn’t lifted the 1 percent limit on the kiddie table debate, Graham, Pataki and Gilmore would not have been on stage. in reply to pbump
  • 23:07:02 Retweeted @nicwebb 23:06:35 @abulsme Now we know who's sitting at the kid's table. in reply to abulsme
  • 23:11:40 .@nicwebb Annoyed I have a meeting during kids table debate. More annoyed that *I* scheduled that meeting. :-) Will watch it later on TiVo. in reply to nicwebb

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