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November 2015

@abulsme tweets from 2015-11-11 (UTC)

  • 01:29:44 Listened to the undercard debate on the drive home. Think Christie did best. Don’t think it will make a significant difference.
  • 01:56:41 Is everybody ready for a debate? I’ve got various things competing for my attention, but I’ll be sorta paying attention. :-)
  • 02:12:16 Rubio hating on philosophers. Will no one stand up for the philosophers?
  • 02:16:00 Thrice!
  • 02:18:31 Bush getting feisty! Had we heard him yet?
  • 02:26:00 Dealing with an unreliable hard drive and making sure my backups are good while debate is on, so more of my attention on that actually. :-)
  • 02:29:48 The Carson question…
  • 02:31:06 Carson is so full of it.
  • 02:34:36 Kasich: “Think of the children!”
  • 02:35:09 Retweeted @PeteDominick 02:34:54 John Kasich has no idea who he is talking to. He just lost republican primary voters. Again.
  • 02:36:27 Trump saying let Jeb speak… Actually a knife into Jeb. Can’t stand up for himself. His last chance is slipping away…
  • 02:38:45 Retweeted @jbview 02:37:55 Kasich/Jeb! decide to actually stand up for what they believe. Seems to be playing surprisingly well in the audience.
  • 02:41:11 Retweeted @DanielLarison 02:40:57 Cruz: I have no intention of killing elderly people
  • 02:48:24 An ad for a Bengahzi movie? OK. Right audience for it I guess.
  • 02:49:54 Retweeted @dandrezner 02:48:28 To sum up: every factual assertion made by GOP candidates about particular job sectors (philosophers, welders, journalists) has been wrong.
  • 02:50:12 Retweeted @MikeRepplier 02:49:01 Rand Paul just walked over to the moderators table, presumably to complain about how little time he's been given #GOPDebate
  • 02:51:59 Which tax plan would God endorse? Really?
  • 02:53:13 Retweeted @mviser 02:52:51 “I do care about the poor people.” — Ben Carson
  • 02:53:43 Retweeted @TheFix 02:53:19 This is the best Ben Carson has been. Also aided by the fact that he got a total pass on exaggerations in his personal story.
  • 02:57:01 Retweeted @LizMair 02:56:52 Ted Cruz taking a bold stance that the Bible is a better read than the Tax Code.
  • 02:58:25 Cruz’s plan is POWERFUL. Woo!
  • 03:00:07 Oh. Jeb is still here.
  • 03:01:43 Retweeted @tomhubbard 03:01:20 @abulsme I shook hands with his dad when I graduated from USNA, and I haven't had a lot of excitement since then. in reply to abulsme
  • 03:02:25 .@tomhubbard I actually liked GHWB a lot. Not so much his sons. in reply to tomhubbard
  • 03:04:17 Paul losing me in the details here. Not paying close enough attention for that. :-/
  • 03:06:40 Having said that, I agree with Paul on not giving the military a buy in budget issues. One of the biggest budget items.
  • 03:06:57 Retweeted @LarrySabato 03:06:50 Rand v Rubio: Strongest actual "debate moment" of the night.
  • 03:07:10 Retweeted @ToryAnarchist 03:06:24 "I know that Rand is a committed isolationist." Less intervention is unimaginable to Rubio. And it's his biggest applause line.
  • 03:07:39 Retweeted @politicoroger 03:06:55 Rubio: "I know that Rand is a committed isolationist. I'm not."
    Paul: "I want strong national defense. I don't want us to be bankrupt."
  • 03:08:22 Hey, haven’t heard from Trump in awhile either.
  • 03:09:20 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:09:06 Rand goes for broke here. His TPs on natsec costs poll well, but apparently not for prez candidates. May've been his last best shot
  • 03:10:09 Retweeted @Jonathan_Barnes 03:09:48 Trump acting as unifier. That shows how messed up the Republican Party is right now. #GOPdebate
  • 03:11:32 Retweeted @TheFix 03:11:20 Total status quo debate so far. Which is good for Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz.
  • 03:12:40 These are still too long.
  • 03:12:56 Paul fact checks Trump!
  • 03:14:42 Heh. They gave up on the go to commercial music to let Paul talk. One point to Paul. Not that it will help him. R’s don’t like his stands.
  • 03:15:23 Retweeted @rebeccarnelson 03:14:45 I know this is the sober, substantial policy debate they promised but it's not good TV
  • 03:15:46 Retweeted @AJentleson 03:14:18 Did Senator Paul just filibuster a commercial break?
  • 03:16:13 Retweeted @JRussellMI 03:14:50 #GOPDebate speaking time, 3rd break:

    Cruz 7.5m
    Fiorina 6.8m
    Trump 6.2m
    Rubio 5.7m
    Paul 5.7m
    Kasich 5.2m
    Carson 4.8
    Bush 4.5

  • 03:16:48 Retweeted @BDayspring 03:15:56 Kasich comes over to moderators during commercial to ask for fair time… Jeb joins and motions toward their side of stage.
  • 03:17:44 Retweeted @JonathanCohn 03:10:05 The US military is just not powerful enough. So besieged. So tiny, so underfunded.
  • 03:18:00 Retweeted @brithume 03:17:52 Trump so far seems overshadowed in this substantive, even wonkish debate. He seems out of his depth. Probably because he is.
  • 03:19:09 I thought this was an economy debate. Syria questions now?
  • 03:20:18 Carson: “How do we make them look like losers?” (About ISIS.)
  • 03:20:42 Retweeted @smotus 03:20:28 “In order to make them look like losers, we have to destroy their caliphate.” -An actual presidential candidate #GOPDebate
  • 03:20:55 Retweeted @danavachon 03:20:19 Ben Carson is on the good shit tonight.
  • 03:22:21 Bush just not punching through in any memorable way.
  • 03:23:49 What? What is Trump talking about this time?
  • 03:24:13 Retweeted @anamariecox 03:24:02 Wait, I though Trump was going to fucking maul Putin with his WINNINGNESS? INSTEAD they palled around in a STABLE? (Code for something?)
  • 03:24:28 Retweeted @TheFix 03:24:14 Hey everybody!
  • 03:25:48 “That’s like a board game, not how the real world works.” Best Bush line. But still not breaking through.
  • 03:26:36 Trump winning this exchange. Completely shut down Bush.
  • 03:27:03 Retweeted @mattyglesias 03:25:06 It’s more like Risk or Diplomacy than Monopoly.
  • 03:27:13 Retweeted @natsecHeather 03:26:38 @dandrezner @blakehounshell @mattyglesias yo, normal people play Monopoly.
  • 03:27:26 Retweeted @DavidCornDC 03:26:46 Oh my, Trump is making sense on the Middle East. Time for a beer. #GOPDebate
  • 03:27:45 Retweeted @DanielLarison 03:26:53 The only thing that really energized Bush tonight is his support for insane foreign policy ideas
  • 03:27:58 Retweeted @RadioFreeTom 03:26:55 Carly trying for a double kill on Trump and Paul. Nice move.


  • 03:29:26 Retweeted @jbarro 03:29:03 Trump & Putin didn't hang out in a green room. Charlie Rose conducted 60 Minutes Putin interview in Russia. Was Trump interviewed in Russia?
  • 03:30:12 Like Paul and Trump on these issues. That kind of scares me. :-)
  • 03:30:49 Trump: “Why does she keep inturrupting everyone?” Audience boos.
  • 03:31:17 Retweeted @allahpundit 03:30:35 Rand would be doing well tonight if he had any real constituency in the party
  • 03:31:37 Retweeted @billburton 03:30:58 Trump's line about Carly being too pushy, just won her the debate.
  • 03:32:57 Retweeted @mckaycoppins 03:32:13 Trump is lucky that Fiorina faded quickly, because basically every time he engages her he sucks. For example:
  • 03:37:31 Moderator: “I think it gets interesting after this.” It isn’t over yet? Arrggh!
  • 03:38:46 Retweeted @notjessewalker 03:38:19 Before the show Trump hands Kasich a big wad of bills. "Easy money, John. All you gotta do is make sure I'm not the biggest dick out there."
  • 03:39:01 Retweeted @DanielLarison 03:38:29 Every candidate except Trump and Paul has again pledged to get us deeper into Syria and risk war w/Russia. They're certifiable
  • 03:39:50 Retweeted @igorbobic 03:38:36 So did Jeb fix it?
  • 03:40:53 Retweeted @JFKucinich 03:40:35 So Jeb and Rubio aren't killing each other – neither are Trump and Carson … fooled us again GOP candidates! Because 2016
  • 03:43:32 Retweeted @DKThomp 03:43:14 Jeb: There will never be another financial crisis.
    Baker: Really, you guarantee that?
    Jeb: I guarantee it.
    Baker: Really?
    Jeb: Um, no.
  • 03:44:07 Retweeted @RadioFreeTom 03:43:48 Carson: Corporations, and low interest 1776. Creep now a stampede. No, really, I am totally baked.
  • 03:46:32 Retweeted @MattGertz 03:45:00 Moderator: Do you believe that 2+2 = 4, like Hillary Clinton does?

    Candidate: I wouldn't let the 2s get that close together.

  • 03:48:40 This is almost over, right? I’ve sorted my hard drive issue for the moment, so I’m ready to be done here. Maybe some dinner I’m thinking.
  • 03:50:08 Philosopher kings. What is it with everybody and philosophers tonight?
  • 03:53:08 Retweeted @chrislhayes 03:52:46 "Philosophy doesn't work when you run something." — @JohnKasich
    Real anti-philosophy/er cast to tonight's debate.
  • 03:53:46 Retweeted @JeffSmithMO 03:47:43 Kasich, who made millions on Wall St during height of froth, demands a "good ethics lesson" for Wall St. #DearKettle
  • 03:56:05 Retweeted @jessica_roy 03:54:07 Carly Fiorina: "Have I mentioned I used to be a CEO? Just making sure everyone heard me when I said that." #gopdebate
  • 03:56:33 Retweeted @owillis 03:56:09 carly fiorina saved jobs at hp the way i lose weight after eating an amazing steak dinner #GOPDebate
  • 03:57:09 Retweeted @rodimusprime 03:56:30 I can't believe our country is considering voting for any of these clowns. There are really two Americas. #GOPDebate
  • 03:57:59 Retweeted @petridishes 03:56:53 Shorter #GOPDebate : give oil chunks to our war vets! end our dependence on philosophers!!
  • 03:58:07 Retweeted @allahpundit 03:56:55 If Carson stabs Kasich, he wins the debate
  • 03:58:21 Retweeted @LarrySabato 03:57:11 Every one of them had some good moments, perfect for the TV highlights reel. But I didn't see a big shift from their current baselines.
  • 03:58:55 Retweeted @JeffreyGoldberg 03:52:28 True fact: There is no job that prepares a person for the presidency.
  • 03:58:59 Retweeted @TheOtherKeppler 03:56:39 Suggestion: have debate moderators be former presidents. #GOPDebate
  • 03:59:25 Retweeted @JRussellMI 03:56:19 #GOPDebate speaking time, 5th break:

    Kasich 11.3m
    Cruz 11.2m
    Fiorina 10.2m
    Trump 9.2m
    Bush 8.5m
    Carson 8.5m
    Rubio 8.1m
    Paul 7.8m

  • 04:01:23 Retweeted @ZekeJMiller 04:01:13 Rubio pulls an Obama – doesn’t address experience question, but makes generational case
  • 04:01:26 Retweeted @Bencjacobs 04:01:13 Starting to get the feeling that some conservatives might not like John Kasich
  • 04:02:06 Retweeted @owillis 04:01:45 is jeb's lightning cable plugged in? what percentage is he charged up to?
  • 04:03:08 Retweeted @KJTorrance 04:01:51 It's after 11 pm. I thought Trump and Carson ensured this debate would be no longer than two hours!
  • 04:04:41 Retweeted @Max_Fisher 04:03:13 BARTIROMO: Clinton is a Democrat. Would you like to give your stump speech?

    RUBIO: This is a hard question but I will rise to the occassion

  • 04:08:18 Closing statements next. Yay!
  • 04:11:36 Domestic and welfare? Don’t think that is what Paul meant. Bye Rand!
  • 04:13:15 Fiorina actually kinda strong there.
  • 04:13:59 Bush calling out someone in audience. Why? Nothing of a closing statement. Bye Jeb!
  • 04:16:02 Retweeted @BlogsofWar 04:15:55 Marco Rubio stays on message and doesn't say batshit crazy things. That's impressive.
  • 04:16:59 Retweeted @BenjySarlin 04:16:46 Many Bothans died to bring us this debate
  • 04:18:03 “That will do it!” Yay! Time for dinner!
  • 04:19:05 Bottom line: I doubt there will be much change in recent trends here. I think gap will close a bit between Trump/Carson and Rubio/Cruz.
  • 04:20:13 Bush didn’t have the win he needed. Will continue to fade. As will the rest. Possible wildcard: Fiorina staying flat or slightly up.
  • 04:22:57 So my prediction for next two weeks of national polls: Trump/Carson/Bush down, Cruz/Rubio up. Maybe Fiorina up. Everybody else irrelevant.
  • 04:26:35 Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz only ones really in the game right now absent some big change.
  • 17:39:06 Interesting balance on gun issues -> Listening to Waking Up with Sam Harris The Riddle Of The Gun (Revisited)
  • 20:59:19 Reading – Rand Paul says the climate has always changed. It’s true, but so what? (@drvox)

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