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September 2017

Sam rides Alex’s new scooter…

Alex got a scooter for his birthday. After the kids had a few rides, I rode the scooter too. I promptly fell. Alex edited together the video my mother took of the incident to add slow motion instant replay… a few times. My mother had started to record after Brandy said “We need to record this so we can show the hospital what happened.” Such confidence in me! No hospital visit needed. But the kids, Brandy, and my mom all had a good laugh at my expense, watching the video over and over and over… and laughing and laughing and laughing… now all of you can enjoy it too.

4 comments to Sam rides Alex’s new scooter…

  • Diane Minter

    Glad you are more or less OK, though that knee looks painful. I donВґt find it funny but glad everyone else had a good laugh.

  • Ruth Brandon

    Not me – I don’t think I laughed – but I was glad you proclaimed you were okay with at most a bruised knee and grit in palms! You were a good sport re the laughing though!

  • More messages I never answered on the website until over a year later… Oops. Yes, I was OK. Just a scraped knee. It was a funny thing. Glad the kids enjoyed it. :-)

  • Diane Minter

    Happy Birthday, Alex!!

    Hope you are having a great day.


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