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November 2017

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Rules be Damned

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam is joined by guest hosts Ed and Darryl. They of course talk about the Manafort and Gates indictment, the Papadopoulos guilty plea, and the ramifications of all that to the Mueller investigation. In addition, they discuss the continuing revelations on the degree of influence social media has on our political process, the civil wars in both the Republican and Democratic parties, an old Ehrlichman interview, the opioid crisis, and gerrymandering.

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Show Details:

Recorded 2017-11-02
Length this week – 2:10:09

  • (0:00:15-0:03:03) But First
    • Introductions
    • Agenda
  • (0:03:39-0:38:01) Indictments
    • Reactions to Manafort and Gates
    • Financial Crimes vs Russian Collusion
    • Coordinated distractions
    • Papadopoulos
    • Rejecting the rules
    • Predictions
  • (0:38:47-1:09:21) Social Media
    • The Texas rallies
    • Extent of exposure
    • Anybody else can too
    • Social media character assassination
    • Manipulating emotions
    • Viral spin
    • Transparency
  • (1:11:21-1:45:51) Partisan Civil Wars
    • Driving off that cliff
    • Fate of Trump
    • Republican primary voters
    • The lost middle
    • Congressional races
    • Bernie vs Hillary
    • Origins of the Democratic fight
    • How serious a division?
    • Purity Democrats
  • (1:46:32-2:09:49) Other Stuff
    • Old Ehrlichman interview
    • Opioid crisis
    • Gerrymandering


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First Snow of 2017/2018

Yeah, second timelapse in a week, but we just had the first snow of the season. And the AbulCam was still pointed at the driveway and caught all of the snow falling… then rapidly melting again. It also caught me, Brandy, and Alex leaving for a trip to the east coast. So we missed the snow! Anyway… enjoy!

@abulsme tweets from 2017-11-03 (UTC)

@abulsme tweets from 2017-11-02 (UTC)