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November 2017
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First Snow of 2017/2018

Yeah, second timelapse in a week, but we just had the first snow of the season. And the AbulCam was still pointed at the driveway and caught all of the snow falling… then rapidly melting again. It also caught me, Brandy, and Alex leaving for a trip to the east coast. So we missed the snow! Anyway… enjoy!

Snow Miley

Alex made a snow-Miley.

This is as close as Miley got to posing with her doppelgänger.

This season’s first snow

Very wet sticky snow. Just about an inch. It is supposed to all be gone in a few hours as things shift to rain, but Alex and I went out to play for a little while. Video of that will eventually of course be part of a video for his ALeXMXeLA channel… when I catch up in a year or two. :-)

Pics from Nov 2014

937 pictures for the month. First cut got it down to 50. Second cut got it to the required 1 per day 30 for the month of November.


2014-11-01 01:13 UTC – Remember I divide things based on Universal time, so in Seattle Trick or Treat is early on November 1st and that is how we start the month. For the second year running, Brandy made Alex a train as his costume. He also wore a conductor-like outfit.


2014-11-01 02:08 UTC – The train leaves the station with Grandma Ruth right behind.


2014-11-01 02:14 UTC (picture by Grandma Ruth) – At first, all the stops were like this. Alex insisting on hiding in the train while begging me to do the doorbell ringing to collect his candy.


2014-11-01 02:34 UTC – Later, after a bit of coaxing, we got him to actually go up and ring the bell.


2014-11-01 02:34 UTC – After which he would immediately turn and run. He would then hide in the train again.


2014-11-01 02:56 UTC (Picture by Grandma Ruth) – Eventually toward the end, he finally (reluctantly) did the whole thing himself a couple of times.


2014-11-01 03:57 UTC (picture by Brandy) – This was Amy’s first outfit for Freaknight.


2014-11-01 04:04 UTC – Trick or Treating over, Alex wants us to inspect some food he found.


2014-11-02 01:1? UTC (picture by Brandy) – Amy was going to be Chell (from Portal and Portal 2) for her second costume for Freaknight, but it was canceled for this evening. Amy was sad.


2014-11-02 01:14 UTC – Amy was not the only one in the family into Portal though, and Alex wanted a turn at the Portal Device.


2014-11-04 20:35 UTC – Alex was working hard in his workshop on new train layouts, but it wouldn’t do quite what he wanted, so he was getting very frustrated. Not much later, this particular layout was no more.


2014-11-07 00:54 UTC – I got a pic of a nice sunset in Lynnwood, WA.


2014-11-08 20:23 UTC – Roscoe wants to know why I am taking his picture.


2014-11-13 21:59 UTC – Alex had a trip to the dentist that required him to be asleep via anesthesia. This was right afterwards. He had roused enough that they were OK sending him home, but he was still basically asleep.


2014-11-13 22:19 UTC – Once he woke up his first request was McDonald’s. We had to tell him he wasn’t supposed to eat for another hour or so. He was very unhappy about this. He really wanted McDonald’s.


2014-11-15 21:52 UTC – A few days later though it was all forgotten. He wandered the aisles of a drug store choosing things he wanted, including the hat, glasses and brush, and asked to pose with his loot. (Which he did get to have.)


2014-11-17 22:42 UTC (Picture by Amy) – Um, then Amy totaled her car. Nobody was hurt except the car.


2014-11-17 22:?? UTC (Picture by Amy) – Amy was very sad though. Poor car.


2014-11-20 22:39 UTC (picture by Brandy) – Brandy got to go with Alex to a Thanksgiving thing at his school. Alex made faces while he ate.


2014-11-22 01:56 UTC – I’ve got Alex pumping gas for me.


2014-11-23 04:58 UTC – Alex decided that to be warm he needed to join me inside my sweater.


2014-11-23 18:37 UTC – Alex is starting to REALLY get into Lego. Usually it is vehicles of one sort or another, but this time he made this, which he said was “a dog in his yard”.


2014-11-27 03:16 UTC – And when he visits Grandma Ruth, he plays with MY old Lego from when I was a kid. You can also see the Mr. Potato Head that was modified to look like my High School Physics teacher Mr. Posa as part of a Rube Goldberg project my senior year of high school.


2014-11-28 01:45 UTC – Amy is not amused as I attempt to take pictures of her as we get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.


2014-11-28 01:50 UTC – A few minutes later, Alex elaborates on a story he wanted to tell before dinner.


2014-11-28 05:49 UTC – Later in the evening, food cleared away, Alex starts on some crafts.


2014-11-28 21:00 UTC – Pair of pants on head as a hat? Check! Second pair of pants in case you lose the first hat? Check! Blanket? Check! One of mommy’s purses? Check! Lets go on an adventure!


2014-11-29 16:26 UTC – Alex and Roscoe check out the first snowfall of the season.


2014-11-29 18:24 UTC – Daddy is just cold.


2014-11-29 18:36 UTC – There wasn’t that much snow, and it wasn’t very good for packing, but this was our pitiful attempt at a snowman. It was about 4 to 5 inches tall.

And thus ends November.

Morning Snow

It isn’t much, and it will be gone soon, but hey, first snow of the season!

What’s that I see on Wednesday?


Pics from Feb 2014


2014-02-01 20:58 – Daddy and Alex at a birthday party at Everett Children’s Museum

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 07.16.45808

2014-02-01 21:13 UTC – Alex perched on Daddy’s head (screen cap from a video)


2014-02-03 02:23 UTC – Alex with Grandma Ruth watching some TV


2014-02-04 03:28 UTC – Waxing Crescent Moon


2014-02-04 03:35 UTC – Two moons


2014-02-06 03:02 UTC – Grandma Ruth gives a quick pose for the camera


2014-02-08 06:33 UTC – Alex and Amy at a late dinner


2014-02-08 18:06 UTC – Alex shows off making a snowman treat he learned how to do in cooking class


2014-02-09 04:05 UTC – Sweeping the snow away in the back yard


2014-02-09 04:14 UTC – Walking Roscoe and still sweeping snow


2014-02-09 17:30 – Ready to attack the morning snow


2014-02-09 18:00 – A winter weathervane


2014-02-09 18:02 UTC – Making his own snowball


2014-02-09 18:40 UTC – Observing the people in the snow


2014-02-09 22:22 UTC – Proud of the big snowball we made in the back yard which we watched melt for the next few days


2014-02-13 23:27 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Dentist time for Alex!


2014-02-14 01:51 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Shopping for screws and nut and bolts


2014-02-17 22:00 – Pic by Brandy – Nap time


2014-02-20 05:14 UTC – Pic by Brandy – Snack time


2014-02-21 01:21 UTC – The new projector screen arrives. Note the fallen boxes in the truck.


2014-02-22 01:12 UTC – Roscoe lounges


2014-02-22 18:25 UTC – Step carefully, the porch is slippery!


2014-02-22 18:25 UTC (posted earlier) – Going for a walk in the flurries


2014-02-22 18:34 – Umbrella joy


2014-02-22 18:34 UTC: Umbrellas are fun upside down too


2014-02-25 04:00 UTC – Watching Ghostbusters


2014-02-27 02:21 UTC – Rebecca visit selfie


2014-02-28 18:27 UTC (posted earlier) – Working hard at school

[Edit 20:58 to change the Snack time picture to show it was taken by Brandy, not Amy.]

Going for a Walk in the Flurries


Alex Says he is a Plow


Meanwhile, Amy is 18 miles south, stuck on streets her minivan is not navigating well, trying to get to a friend’s house. :-/

Playing in the Snow

Once he woke up, I showed Alex the snow.  He was excited there would be no school and he wanted to get dressed as fast as possible so he could go outside right away.

He ran out ahead of me and immediately made a snow angel…


Then he explored the back yard.


Roscoe joined us right away to see what was up.


This year’s snowman was not quite as cute as last year’s.

Then we walked the dog. After about 10 minutes, Alex decided he wanted his gloves again even though he had taken them off earlier. But oops, they were not in my pockets as I thought, but we’d left them at home! He gave me the dog, put his hands in his pockets, and we walked another 15 minutes.


Once we got home, he decided the right thing to have as a snack in the snow was a popsicle. But after a minute or so of that he decided he was cold and he was done. He went in first to sit by the fire, but then decided that wasn’t working, and so instead he cuddled under a blanket with his mom until he was warm.

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[Update 2013-12-20 21:40 UTC to add the snow angel video]