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June 2019

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Slosh Back

On this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner, Sam and Ivan talk about politics in the US, UK, and Israel. They also riff on Julian Assange, Mexican tariffs, and Social Media disinformation. Plus some feedback and an Election Graphs update!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2019-05-31
Length this week – 1:50:22

  • (0:00:25-0:27:22) Round 1
    • Ivan: New Israeli Elections
    • Sam: New Assange Indictments
  • (0:27:58-0:59:48) Round 2
    • Ivan: Mueller Statement
    • Sam: Teresa May Resignation
  • (1:00:27-1:40:46) Round 3
    • Ivan: Mexico Tariffs
    • Sam: Social Media Disinformation
  • (1:44:29-1:50:01) Round 4
    • Ivan: Feedback
    • Sam: Election Graphs Update

The Curmudgeon’s Corner theme music is generously provided by Ray Lynch.

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  • 06:10:18 Retweeted @RadarOmega_WX 04:09:34 Unfortunately we are dealing with a major disaster situation in the Dayton Ohio area as a long track tornado has impacted a heavily populated area. Here is a very preliminary look at the track of the tornado.. #Tornado #Dayton #OHwx
  • 13:38:27 Retweeted @Susan_Hennessey 13:05:48 Proceed with extreme caution on this one. The idea of Mueller getting a “draft indictment” doesn’t make much sense, the documents as described in this article don’t actually sound like a draft indictment, and even fragments of quoted language doesn’t sound like a DOJ legal memo.
  • 19:30:44 Retweeted @AstroKatie 18:33:42 [decades of research and data showing incontrovertibly that the Earth is warming]
    “Ehhhh… I’m not convinced; maybe we should wait and see”

    [pilots get confused about weird dots on radar]

  • 19:33:19 Retweeted @AstroKatie 19:28:35 Hypotheses to try before aliens:
    * balloons
    * drones
    * hallucinations due to stress & hypoxia
    * instrumental glitches
    * various kinds of accidents & debris
    * experimental aircraft made by humans
    * dunno, look, people make stuff up sometimes
    * combinations of all of the above in reply to AstroKatie
  • 19:41:50 Retweeted @MEPFuller 19:34:49 To summarize this thread on the CRS report about the GOP tax cuts:• Little, “if any,” effect on GDP
    • Growth is paying for about 5% of the lost revenue from the tax cuts
    • Very little wage growth
    • Skepticism that the tax cuts are even boosting capital investment
  • 23:17:35 Listening to Amanpour : Angela Merkel, Ron Howard and Stacey Cunningham
  • 23:56:00 Listening to Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry Trans Rights are Human Rights: Charlotte Clymer
  • 23:57:57 Is anybody even slightly surprised?

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